Tari Tari: Final Review

Managed to finally cram the last few episodes of Tari Tari and now I’m kicking myself for putting it off for almost a week. Truly, a beautiful ending to a beautiful series. I stand by my initial statement of “It’s K-On!, but with music”, except I want to add “and backstory”. Much like the ending of K-On!, I hated to see Tari Tari end, but cheered it on through the final episodes. Leading to an ending I hate to love because it means no more Tari Tari.

While none of the characters (except maybe Wein) really stand out to me, the group as a whole leave an impression that’s hard to compete with. The Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club was just a ragtag group of individuals who were dragged into a project to spite a vice principal who turned out to not be so mean-spirited after all. As the group learned the meaning of music in people’s lives, the character stories expanded beyond the main 5 to include almost everyone teacher and parent in this music-loving town. And as the story progressed, I ended up hating the spineless principal more than the ice queen of a vice principal (maybe because I was more sympathetic to her towards the end).

As serious as the characters took music, there was always time for comedic interjection. I absolutely loved the Market Rangers, Red Ranger Wein is now my favorite superhero, but the whole scene with Wein reclaiming Konatsu’s stolen possessions helps to show just how important music is the lives of the characters while developing them steadily throughout the whole story.

If I have any complaint with Tari Tari, it’s that the ending left a sign of stories to come. While I feel the series has come to a reasonable, well established ending, I get the feeling it’s left open for future seasons which I don’t think would fare very well. Part of the interest in Tari Tari is seeing the 5 high schoolers developing closer bonds together where they used to be simply classmates, leading to an experience none of them could’ve imagined possible as they overcame obstacles and kept true to the music they love.

Tari Tari had a strong set of character backstories and development with a plot that moved with the characters instead of a set, determined goal. Though slow at times, the events around the high schoolers were strongly written. The animation was nothing short of brilliant never seemed to slip.

Final rating: 91

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Tari Tari 5-10: Red Ranger Wien, Hero of Justice!

Apologies for not covering Tari Tari so well, blogging has to take back burner lately as I’m being forced to actually give 100% at school. But now I’m ready to go, as are the Market Rangers! So far, Wein’s internal conflict is the most interesting. Not to diminish the value of the other character’s arcs, especially Wakana.

With only 3 episodes left and Wein’s arc seemingly closed, I’m guessing it’s time to put Konatsu in the limelight, or perhaps simply wrap up her choir’s story at the festival. I’m personally hoping for a big finale to Wakana’s personal bit when the group sings the song started by her mother before she passed away. I think I’d also like more of the Market Rangers. And Sawa still doesn’t have a solid closure as to what she wants to do in the future, either. Is Taichi’s story finished for that matter?

If Tari Tari is building like I think it is, all the closure will come in the last two episodes. I have high hopes for the ending as the series thus far has been quite the emotional ride and I just hope I’m not setting the bar too high, asking too much from the story.

I still stand by an early statement, Tari Tari is like K-On!…but with music.

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Tari Tari 3-4: Mi Amiga~

Following Konatsu’s less than stunning performance with her choir at the recital, everyone who was scooped into the club proceeds to quit, leaving Konatsu, Sawa, and Wakana as the only 3 members of the club. This is more than enough reason for that she-beast of a vice principal to disband the club, along with Taichi’s badminton club, as he was the only member. To rectify at least one of the problem, Konatsu challenges Taichi to a badminton match, loser joins the winner’s club. Wien (Atsuhiro) also joins Taichi as a member of the badminton club, in a 3-on-2 match. In a close match, Wien seals the deal…by slamming the birdie into the net, landing Konatsu her final 2 members for the “Choir and sometimes Badminton club”, also allowing Taichi to continue onto badminton competitions.

First order in any choir is to perform, luckily the local beachfront business scene is planning large musical festival to draw in the crowds, and Konatsu seems prime opportunity to take the stage. If she could get over her fandom for an older group of musicians who’ve come to town. One of whom stalked Wakana across the town, shouting in Spanish until she found out that he was just excited to see the daughter of an old friend of the band. This aging band ends up teaching Konatsu a few important lessons about committing oneself to music and to that music brings people together. They also teach Wakana that no one ever leaves music…

Happily performing for rather critical children, Konatsu’s choir is making strides to integral character development. However, Wakana has yet to sing…will this be addressed soon or is going to be a lingering issue throughout the series? And like feal87 asked, how long will the general life development last, and when, if at all, will the romance or life-altering drama commence? Right now, I’m comfortable with the slow pace Tari Tari is moving at, but surely it’ll have to pick up and move into more serious plot-devices. Also mustn’t forget the letter Wakana received from the band member, a letter written by her mother when she was born. Is this something that’ll bring Wakana back into music, or will the story let it sit for a few episodes before bringing it back up? Sawa also seemed unusually perturbed, I’m curious as to whether it was simply because she was upset at Konatsu for getting off-track, or if something more seriously is happening and yet to be revealed.

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Tari Tari 1-2: It’s like K-On!, but with music

So after waiting longer than I would’ve liked after the fact, I finally watched the first two episodes of Tari Tari (MyAnimeList). In short, high school senior Konatsu Miyamoto looks to reconcile past mistakes by starting her own choir group after the vice principal refuses to let her sing in the school’s choir. Joining her are friend and horse rider, Sawa Okita, and gifted musician Wakana Sakai. Though they’re not particularly important to the story yet, Taichi Takana and newly transferred student Atsuhiro Maeda seem to be holding some part in the episode to come. Referring back to the title, Tari Tari very much seems to be structured like K-On!, where a group of characters coming together through music grow and mature as they approach the end of a chapter in their lives…but with them actually playing music and singing.

The visuals are top notch and really compliment the quality of the music. The characters, while not exceptionally notable, have a very realistic feeling to them, which I really appreciate. Each one seems to have their own varying pasts and expectations for the future, but they don’t scream them from the outset. Subtlety is a very good touch for Tari Tari that I’m expecting to turn into more depth by the end of the story. I’m looking forward to this series for its slow-paced plot around growing up and learning to reconcile yourself with your past while defining your future. I’m also hoping for more lyrical, as well as visual, treats.

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Also, behold the lord of violin dancing….