Rinne no Lagrange: Final Review

Time to wrap up the Winter 2012 season with final, final review for the series Rinne no Lagrange. This mecha/not-sure-what-to-qualify-this series follows the story of Madoka who discovers a powerful secret hidden just outside of her hometown of Kamogawa. Human history, as we know it, was merely the tip of the iceberg, as Kamogawa becomes the scene of a galactic struggle over the legendary Vox mechas. Supposedly to have nearly destroyed the Earth thousands of years ago, humanity took it’s technology into the stars, leaving the Vox behind, all for the preservation of the human home world.

Along the way, Madoka becomes friends with the alien princess (and moe incarnate) Fin E Ld Si Laffinty (“Lan” for short) and starcrossed refugee, Muginami. As the trio pilot the three Vox units against the Kiss forces attempting to take the Vox for themselves (and probably nefarious purposes as well). With an OVA and second season to come, I really don’t feel I can review the plot. It’s hardly begun and I think there’s much more in store for our trio of heroines. Though, so far, I’m very much emotionally attached and was heartbroken to see the group split up at the end of this first season (I hope they don’t wait too long to reunite in the next season).

Animation was stellar and I loved the streaming trail that followed the Vox units in flight, as well as the detail in, well, everything. The action and fight scenes were superbly framed and my only complaint was that the best parts of the fights were shown after-the-fact, leaving me upset for a few minutes (or sometimes a whole week) that they had cut out the action-y goodness. I’m also not very pleased that Muginami returned to Kiss with Villaguilio WITH THE VOX IGNIS!!! She just delivered the super weapon into enemy hands… At least Lan (the one I like) is on the hunt for her in the Vox Rympha. I can’t imagine Madoka sitting on Earth for too long. Pretty soon she’s going to be itching to get back to Muginami and Lan, so she’s not going to wait much before she jumps in the Vox Aura and scares everyone on the base half to death (and I eagerly await July for exactly THIS scene…)


Final rating for Rinne no Lagrange:….9.0 Great animation, compelling story, but maybe a little lax with the giant robots. I’d like more giant robots. More giant robots…would be nice. Not that the cute schools scenes weren’t…cute, but a certain point, it just feels like filler. I have high hopes for the continued story, and more giants robots.

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– BeldenOtaku


…….giant robots, please :3


Rinne no Lagrange: Madoka’s Surprising Power, which part of the Trinity is she?

Back with the 11th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Rinne no Lagrange. Nearing the halfway point of the series, Lan and Muginami fly off into the edge of space to face the approaching Kiss fleet, en route to destroy Pharos. Leaving Madoka stranded planetside, she’s somehow able to contact them through Midori, reminding them of how the Jersey Club always stands together and doesn’t leave a member behind.

Racing to Pharos, Madoka sprints to launch in the Vox Aura while the Captain tries to convince Asteria to lift the ban on Aura’s flight and Lan and Muginami enter combat with hordes of Ovids. Luckily, their new weaponry is more than apt to cut through a few dozen Kiss Ovids. But their fighting power gets split when Villaguilio enters the fray, leaving Lan to handle the fleet while he has his one-on-one with Muginami. All according to his plan, Villaguilio’s forces push Lan back closer to the planet surface, so the Ovids can get in range of Pharos and unleash their barrage. But Earth isn’t defenseless, equipped with adapted LeGarite technology, the base armors up with a sub-space shield capable holding back oncoming blasts from above.

At the school, students and teachers look to the sky and the battle unfolding over Kamogawa. As Youko sways Asteria into letting Madoka fly, preparations are being made to send the Jersey Club a good luck message, from the grateful residents of Kamogawa. After Madoka lifts off to join the fight, she sees over the skyline of the city bursting fireworks and a salutation written in residents on the school ground. But the residents aren’t merely spectators in this fight, as Kiss forces in orbit fire down on the defenseless city, lighting up the atmosphere in a blaze of light…thankfully, the wonder triplet from space  came to save the day with giant subspace shields to divert the blast and protect the city.

With the city well defended, Madoka, Lan, and Muginami turn their attentions to the Ovid fleet still entering the airspace. Together, the trio blast through dozens of enemy units using the increased power of the Vox response to “bio-something-rather-that-has-to-do-with-emotions”…. 😀 Despite the progess, Madoka receives a shock to her success in battle, as she sees her cousin, Youko, injured after an Ovid crashed in the school field. Distraught at this, Madoka goes into another berserker mode, but this time pulling Lan and Muginami in for the ride as well. Activating the blossoming Rinne flowers which emanate from all three Vox robots.

Madoka has once again activated the secret power of the Vox robots, but is it as fearful as Asteria thought? Or is Youko correct and the fears unfounded? Either way, everyone is going to have serious problems if the Rinne blossoms cause the machines to stall like they did last time. Hopefully something better will come out the blooms this time around and Rinne no Lagrange won’t leave us with too bad of a cliffhanger to hold over the break between seasons.

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– BeldenOtaku

Rinne no Lagrange: Finally, Some Action on the Horizon

Back with the 10th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Rinne no Lagrange. With the Vox Aura grounded, Madoka and the Jersey Club focus on the high school’s arts festival. After helping more than a few dozen other clubs, it’s time for the Jersey Girls to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Everything from fair food to haunted houses (not cool making Lan cry!!), everything is fun and games, until Asteria returns for the upcoming operation. An operation that Madoka is not to be informed of. After being called on by other friends, Madoka and Asteria are left alone while Lan helps the surfing club and Muginami the astronomy club. After treating Asteria to local cuisine (much to her delicious surprise), Madoka learns of the incoming invasion, and how Lan and Muginami are already heading out to fight them without her.

What at first was Madoka’s sadness at possibly losing people she cared about, has now blossomed into a drive to protect her friends and her hometown. As she races to the base, Lan and Muginami already head out to face the approaching Kiss forces, lead by Villaguilio. This appears to be the climax of the rising action, soon to be presented in the form of an epic space battle for the safety of the earth and possession of the Voxes. If Madoka can control that strange power that stopped Villaguilio’s attack, will she stand a chance against this full-fledged force approaching Kamogawa? Well, she already has a mental remote-control on the Vox Aura, perhaps Midori has more surprises in store as well.

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– BeldenOtaku

Rinne no Lagrange: It Just Gets Weirder and Weirder

Back with the 9th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Rinne no Lagrange. Madoka, Lan (who keeps the “woof”!!), and Muginami continue their lives togethers in Kamogawa, as the Jersey Club prepares for the big school festival. Meanwhile, Villaguilio has his Kiss cronies set up at a small house, only to await further orders, and are not allowed anywhere near the Vox.

Not content to sit and wait, Izo, after watching part of a samurai movie, decides to find Madoka himself and take care of her. After all, Villaguilio didn’t say anything about taking out the Vox pilots. With a trusty knife in hand, he makes his way to Kamogawa. To try and stop him, the other two Kiss cronies quickly give chase and try to find Madoka before Izo. Though, upon arriving, each one gets distracted in their own way. Izo spends time re-enacting a ceremony he saw in the samurai movie, Kirius gets enthralled in the smell of the sea (even unknowingly meeting Madoka as she rescues a drowning boy), and Array gets stuck waiting tables for Madoka’s uncle when he can’t pay his bill with the credit card.

After hearing Madoka’s story from girls at her school, Izo decides to leave Kamogawa. Hearing how she was so despondent after her mother died trying to save another life, only to regain her life after seeing others so selflessly giving, and doning the jerseys and jersey spirit herself must’ve revealed a soft spot. Regardless, this episode shows the not-so-evilness of the Earth’s adversaries, in what’s to become the calm before the storm. Both Kiss and Le Garite forces are en route to reach the earth and a battle over the Vox is sure to rage. But with the Vox Aura still grounded, can the Jersey Club hold it’s own against Villaguilio and the Kiss Ovid pilots? And I’m also starting to doubt how good the intentions of the Le Garite leaders are…

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– BeldenOtaku

Rinne no Lagrange: Next episode’s title “Lan gets her ‘Woof!’ Back!”

Back with the 8th episode of the Winter 2012 mecha series, Rinne no Lagrange. Starting off with a fantastic aerial display, the girls’ fun gets cut short when news of the chairman’s arrival is broken. Though not a fan of travel himself, the chairman sends his granddaughter in his place to deal out the business. (Her yellow ensemble really complements the colorful outfits of the female cast)

Yesh, yesh it is, Lan.

Really not concerned with much about the base, her main objective was to investigate the strange occurrence with the Vox Aura when they engaged Villaguilio. It is later revealed to Madoka, and discussed by Asteria with Yoko, the legend of the Vox. 20,000 years ago, a more advanced civilization inhabited the Earth. Destruction faced the Earth when the Vox went uncontrolled. Lan and Muginami are descendants of the humans that left Earth for a galaxy far away. It was agreed by the newly created human nations in the stars, that Earth be left as a neutral planet to be inhabited by the humans remaining on the planet. The Vox were also sealed on Earth. But now, the political situation between these star-crossed nations has changed, and the Vox are needed once again. It is feared that the Vox will bring destruction again, and the Aura’s mysterious ability is Asteria’s proof for such, grounding the Aura until further notice.

Who would lie to something this cute??

Though Muginami and Lan argue this at first, Madoka is able to convince them that she’s okay with this, if it’s for their safety. I imagine that soon the powers of the other two Vox will also be revealed. But all of this is meaningless if Lan stops “Woof”ing…I mean it. Who is Asteria to tell her it’s a lie? Lan can “woof” any damn day and I’m more than okay with that! (Enough of the ranting…sorry) But what’s this? Asteria is in league with Villaguilio? I suspect foul play…

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– BeldenOtaku

Rinne no Lagrange: One Happy Family, but it needs more robots

Back with the 7th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Rinne no Lagrange. After facing off with Vilaguilio (hard name to spell), Muginami wakes up in the hospital, and begins to reminisce about her life with him. She met him on the penal planet after Lan’s planet deposed him, and together they helped each other until they one day escaped with Vilaguilio’s crew. It would seem he’s indebted to Muginami as much as she feels indebted to him, but Vilaguilio still tossed her aside, and Madoka is still raging.

As Lan tries to tell Madoka about how Vilaguilio wasn’t always the bad guy she makes him out to be, the duo find themselves busy fishing eels out of the pool. As she works, Madoka is reminded by the teacher of her Jersey Club spirit. Once finished, Madoka races to find Muginami and patch things over. Stroke of luck, she’s already in the club room. After taking a bath together, Muginami and Madoka finally reunite their family.  We find out later that Lan also wanted to take a bath with them, and as princess, she says it’s Le Garite law (or it is now) that families should bath together. Prompting a skinny-dipping session in the ocean…

Now that their family is complete (and what family isn’t complete without skinny-dipping?), Madoka, Lan, and Muginami start living their lives together, honest with each other. Not that this isn’t a nice sentiment, and it may sound petty…but I wants more robots. It’s kinda why I started watching. Plus, they didn’t really explain what happened last episode, and I’m convinced our squinty-eyed friend is keeping secrets. The next episode looks like it’ll continue with the non-robot focused story, but maybe it’ll surprise me and turn into a giant robot fight at the sea park. Not to mention Lan’s side of Vilaguilio’s story, his life before Le Garite deposed him and sent him to the penal world where he met Muginami, has yet to be told.

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– BeldenOtaku

Rinne no Lagrange: Vengeance for Muginami and the Rinne’s blooming

Back with the 6th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Rinne no Lagrange. After being rejected by Vilaguilio and given an ultimatum to destroy the Voxs by sunrise or be destroyed, Madoka is set to go get her some revenge. Muginami isn’t so inclined, she still blames herself and is deeply upset after being rejected by Vilaguilio (AKA “King of Dicks”, in my opinion).  Though Madoka is ready and rearing to launch so she can kick some butt, the captain airs on the side of strategy. Waiting until a safe battle site can be determined and all civilians can be evacuated before making any moves, the base prepares for a fight.

Pumped up on “Energy” (an energy drink, which, to Vilaguilio and his cronies makes us considerable enemies for crafting such a concoction), Madoka and Lan gear up for a space fight IN SPACE!!!!! (I like space :3)  Though the excitement turns to anxiety on the ground when the multitude of enemy Ovids are launched…with only Midori and Orca armed with prototype weapons ready to fight them off.  Though the Ovids certainly don’t stand a chance against the Vox, it’s still a dangerous battle…until Muginami is convinced to board the third vox by our squinty-eyed friend and she barrels into battle, not only activating the Vox system on her own, but also transitioning from piercer to robot-mode. She came to take care of business, and that’s what she’s going to do.

She wastes no time in heading for the enemy’s mother ship, but there she comes head-to-head with Vilaguilio himself, and Muginami narrowly avoids being blown out of the sky if it weren’t for Madoka’s intervention. Just as Madoka and Vilaguilio begin their fight, Muginami interrupts, claiming Madoka and the Jersery Club are just selfishly pressing their feelings onto others, not considering how Muginami feels about the situation. She never asked for them to take revenge, and she still blames herself. Madoka goes emotional and activates some new function of the Vox Aura, sending energy-blossoms far and wide, and also causing the three Vox units to fall back down to earth. Squinty-eyes seems to know more than we do, and apparently he thinks Vilaguilio planned this all along.

I’m very confused about what just happened. Hopefully the next episode will explain things and not try to feign a return to normal life. There’s also the question of the escaped Ovid pilot, we’ve yet to see him again. And I still feel like Vilaguilio hasn’t gotten his just beat down for what he’s done to Muginami.

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– BeldenOtaku