Unexcused Absences

I know it’s probably taboo to make posts explaining why you don’t post, but it’s been almost a month since my last review and I felt an explanation is in order. It’s nothing to do with not wanting to review anything this season or even wanting to change my style of blogging. I’m just too mentally exhausted from a heavy load of school work to muster up the endurance for a solid anime review post. I’m regularly working 9-6 everyday trying to catch up and maintain status in drawing, design, Japanese, and International Studies classes.

If you don’t already stalk me on twitter,  you may not be aware that I suffered a concussion about a month or so ago, and had to spend a week in bed. Which means I missed a lot of lab classes. I’m currently two projects behind in Drawing II, and barely managing to maintain my progress in Design II. Fortunately, my Japanese and Int’l Studies are in acceptable orders, but the two lab classes aren’t easy to recover in. And add on top of that advisement for next semester, which is looking to be heavy on mathematics, and less on autistic (fun) stuff.

As much as I want to write (I’m having this nice little love affair with Chuu-whatever…yeah, I can’t spell it), I know that it’s just going to be the tired, brain-dead ramblings of a burnt college student running on caffeine. So, until my school work is back in order, I don’t think you can expect much writing, though I’ll be doing final reviews for whatever I watch without a doubt. So, apologies from this tired otaku as I try to get everything back in order…


NewAnimeThursday: 1 Year of Doing Stuff

Fireworks to celebrate?

So it’s been a year already…kind of, the actual anniversary of when I started NewAnimeThursday is the 22nd of July, but this is closer to 50,000 views, and I feel like doing it now. It’s quite an odd idea, really, an anniversary post. Do I recount stats? (I heard bitches like statistics…) Or maybe the readers want me to pander and say how I couldn’t have gotten this far without their support (which is totally true, btw :3). Do I recount favorite experiences from the past year or would it be better to elaborate on what I’m looking forward to?…I have no clue, but here goes…

As far as stats go, though I’m not as popular as many other blogs, NewAnimeThursday’s growth has been steady and has a rate of increase that has been fairly constant. It also matches a prediction I made a few months ago regarding breaking 50,000 views by the 1 year anniversary. Whether or not the growth continues is really up to you, the readers. But growth isn’t the only measure of success for me. Recently I had a glorious loss to Kritik in the Aniblog Tourney (I have no qualms about losing to a top 16 blog), the results of which surpassed my best expectations. On a related note, this is all I’m going to post about concerning the Tourney.

To be honest, I’m writing this in a state of semi-disillusionment. It may be from summer lethargy, or outside stressors from school, or maybe I’m just running myself into the ground again. But current situations are making episodic postings quite tedious and unappealing, so I’m conflicted. I don’t want to stop following anime series season-to-season, and if I could, I’d like to continue writing about them episode-by-episode. But current internet connections are nearly tripling the time it takes me to write compared to back when I first started and when I was at school (I miss school). It’s almost too much of a pain just to get the new episodes to watch them. So I’ll go ahead and say that I’m expecting to not be as prompt with posting in the Summer 2012 season, and I’ll probably only write final reviews for the Spring 2012 series that I already haven’t do so for yet like Gakkatsu, and only occasionally post about continuing series like Accel World.

So before I start to sound like I’m just desperate for attention (or something like that), I’ll say thanks to any one who cares enough to read, follow, or comment. Here’s to another year of awesome stuff that I’ll do…hoping to really get on stuff once I get back to school and away from my life-sucking family. Now I crack a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper in celebration, and kick back for some time off. If I rebound enough, maybe an editorial or two by the time I get back to school. Additional note, speed draws aren’t happening until I either fix my tablet or get a new one…thanks relatives who don’t know how to treat other people’s property. :3

Starting from Scratch, Not Bad

Back with another speed draw video, this time, I took a shot in the dark and recorded my attempt at starting from scratch as I draw the new banner for NewAnimeThursday’s Winter 2012 season. Here it is, enjoy…

Okay, so, as I said, this is the first video I’ve done where I started from scratch. By that, I mean I recorded the whole thing, and the entire drawing was made using my Wacom Bamboo tablet.  Quite honestly, it’s 1000x better than what I feared would just be a horrible waste of a day (a testament to how much trouble I’ve had with drawing from scratch).  This is also the first time I spent an hour exporting and re-importing videos to add the pictures-within-picture at the end (iMovie won’t allow more than one per run, so you just have to export and re-import, add PiP, repeat until you’ve attained all the desired PiPs).

If you’re observant, or actually visit the site, you’ll have probably already noticed the new banner. More than just marking the beginning of Winter 2012 for NAT, it also gives me the chance to say I’m not going to take on the same watch load I had last season, mostly because I’d like to not feel dead at the end of the week.  If you’re curious, I’m starting my art major classes tomorrow, so I’m hoping 1.) to pass and 2.) to improve my abilities and hopefully match the same level of skill I admire in the manga I read and anime I watch.  I apologize if this kind of personal posting bugs you, but to those that care, now you know.

As always, feel free to subscribe for more speed draw videos, or leave a comment with constructive criticisms. I’ve gotten lots of helpful feedback and I really want to learn what others have to teach.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku

Merry Christmas, 2nd Speed Draw Video, and Other Stuff :3

Hey minna,
I don’t plan on having the time to take in anything new on December 24 or 25th, much less write a review for it, unless family events give me more free time than I’m guessing. So I’ll use this post to go over a few things, including looking back on 2011 and looking forward to 2012.

First things first, I’ve put up my 2nd (and, technically, 3rd) speed draw video of Run-chan from A Channel. Though these are probably my favorites, I’m going to skip around to some other anime for a while, next on my list is Azusa Nakano (K-On!), so look forward to that.
I made two videos because it was suggested that the full length version I made for Tooru was too long. The new one is essentially the same thing doubled to 20x normal speed….

Enjoy, and please leave your impressions or constructive criticisms. I know I have a long way to go and a lot to learn to reach the same level of skill that I admire in the anime series I frequently watch and in the manga I read, but I’m surely getting closer with each drawing.


It’s been a fun 6 months or so and I look forward to a whole new year of blogging with NewAnimeThursday. I’d like to thank everyone who reads and comments, you guys have been great support and even better conversations.  I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for NewAnimeThursday. As for the Winter 2012 season, besides series like Guilty Crown that will be continuing as a part of their 2 cour schedule, I’m also picking up (for sure) Kill Me, Baby, Another, and Nisemonogatari.  Each for various reasons, Kill Me, Baby most because the manga split my sides and I can’t wait to enjoy the animated series, as for Another and Nisemonogatari, I can’t say much other than the PVs caught my interest and I’ll how they go. It’s likely I’ll pick up a few more after the premiers have aired and I’ve picked up a few impressions from other bloggers. What I’m trying to avoid is something I fear I’m getting too close to.

Lately, I’ve had the bad feeling that I’m exhausting myself. Between regular reviews, schoolwork, and now speed draw videos, I’m definitely approaching my limits, both in skill and energy.  While pushing my skill is something I definitely need to keep doing, running down my ability to do so isn’t exactly recommended. In the Winter 2012 season, I’m mostly looking to avoid a heavy watch-load, like with Fall 2011 (I think I had 8 or so series I was following, on top of additional projects).  So please bear with me if I need to slack off every now and then to regain my drive and passion for the past-time I so dearly enjoy. (Oh yeah, I’m also working on a blogroll for NAT, look for it soon :3)

Until next year :3,
– BeldenOtaku

A quote I think I should take into the new year, that carries the hopes of a lot of people, and reminds me that there are always others I can depend on (see if you can guess the show it’s from :3):

 As we look to the past, and head towards the future,
With faith in ourselves, and trust in each other we live by the lessons we learn.
As we work towards one solution, through spirit evolution.
Forever united as one, together the battles are won.
Through us let your spirits evolve.
If we’re all for one world, there’s a world for us all.

(by no means take me seriously, just something to think about. Or think about how I like cheesy songs like that :3)

Unwanted Downtime…

Hey minna,
my apologies in advance, but due to finals and heavy workload, not to mention a butt-load of stuff to take care of, I can’t manage any time to watch and review anime for a few days. But don’t fret!  Finals will be over (for me) on Friday, and I’ll be going back home Friday too.  So it’ll be Saturday at the latest that I’ll have the free time to catch up.

With a month of free time coming up, I’m happy to announce my project for the holiday season: “12 Days of Ghibli”. If you’ve seen my FanArt page (go look at it now, I’ll wait, the link is in the tabs under the banner, or just click here)……*waiting*……*letting the growth in skill over time really sink in*….Okay, you’re back, impressed? I know, right. Now that you’ve seen the page, you’ve seen the banner for “12 Days of Ghibli”. Well, “12 Days of Ghibli”, in a nutshell, is me reviewing several Studio Ghibli movies. You may have heard of a few, Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro. I’ll be watching and reviewing these and more (probably starting December 13th, and leading up to Christmas, to make it, y’know, an actual 12 days of Ghibli) in addition to regular episodic reviews.  If I manage as much time as I think I’ll have, I’ll also pick up a few completed series and do a review on those too.

Some other bloggers have also suggested that I do an editorial-type post of something other than a specific anime series. I’m currently working on it, the hard part is that I’m actually being very self-critical and am not sure where I want to go with, but it IS in the works, so expect it some time soon.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku