Speed Draw #9: A New Banner, Cel Art Rough Drafts, and Sincere Apologies

Back after roughly a week off, long story short, life is a mess and I made priorities. The good news is that I only have about 2 weeks of school left before sweet, sweet summer vacation. I’m very upset that I haven’t been able to regularly put out new speed draws, and a lot of ideas I’ve had over the past months have ridden the back burner until I can find days with free time. But I made time for the new banner for Spring 2012. Although the final product didn’t include some of the things I had planned for (I decided at the last minute to not bother putting in Tansan), I’m still pleased to see that I’m improving, however slowly that may be.

In addition to the new banner, be sure to check out the NewAnimeFanArt and my personal DeviantART page for other sketchs and projects. Currently, I’m working on a crossover idea, and want to do speed draws for a few Winter 2012 series as well. So look forward to it :3

Previous Speed Draw and Anime Cel Art Post

Also on the docket, we have the beginnings of any anime cel art, the rough draft. It’s pretty cut-and-dry really, the only limit being your own commitment and creativity. Start with any plain sheet of paper (preferably clean without any indent marks left behind from previous drawings) and just sketch out your idea. It can be a simply pose, headshot, chibi expression, or more complex like a full out battle scene, romantic encounter with complementing scenery…just be prepared to essentially draw it again when you break out the tracing paper. Use tracing paper, one, because it’s thin enough to see through to reproduce and clean up your drawing because you’re essentially drawing it again, and second, because you’re going to flip the drawing later in the process of making an anime cel work of art!

What’s the next step? Well, Alex from Anime Cel Art is making us wait until next time to find out. If you’re interested in your own piece of anime cel art from popular series such as Bleach, Naruto, and One PIece, check them out on Facebook and Twitter, and browse cels for sale on their site, as well as eBay and Amazon.

Another note to any anibloggers living in the southeastern United States, I’m currently looking at helping put together an anime convention, with an anime blogging panel. Please contact me if you live nearby or if you can possibly travel. The current target date is November 2012, most likely the weekend before Thanksgiving. Any bloggers interested in participating in the panel will receive free passes to the convention and while nothing is concrete at the moment, we have a list of prospective guest speakers and sponsors.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku