NewAnimeThursday: 1 Year of Doing Stuff

Fireworks to celebrate?

So it’s been a year already…kind of, the actual anniversary of when I started NewAnimeThursday is the 22nd of July, but this is closer to 50,000 views, and I feel like doing it now. It’s quite an odd idea, really, an anniversary post. Do I recount stats? (I heard bitches like statistics…) Or maybe the readers want me to pander and say how I couldn’t have gotten this far without their support (which is totally true, btw :3). Do I recount favorite experiences from the past year or would it be better to elaborate on what I’m looking forward to?…I have no clue, but here goes…

As far as stats go, though I’m not as popular as many other blogs, NewAnimeThursday’s growth has been steady and has a rate of increase that has been fairly constant. It also matches a prediction I made a few months ago regarding breaking 50,000 views by the 1 year anniversary. Whether or not the growth continues is really up to you, the readers. But growth isn’t the only measure of success for me. Recently I had a glorious loss to Kritik in the Aniblog Tourney (I have no qualms about losing to a top 16 blog), the results of which surpassed my best expectations. On a related note, this is all I’m going to post about concerning the Tourney.

To be honest, I’m writing this in a state of semi-disillusionment. It may be from summer lethargy, or outside stressors from school, or maybe I’m just running myself into the ground again. But current situations are making episodic postings quite tedious and unappealing, so I’m conflicted. I don’t want to stop following anime series season-to-season, and if I could, I’d like to continue writing about them episode-by-episode. But current internet connections are nearly tripling the time it takes me to write compared to back when I first started and when I was at school (I miss school). It’s almost too much of a pain just to get the new episodes to watch them. So I’ll go ahead and say that I’m expecting to not be as prompt with posting in the Summer 2012 season, and I’ll probably only write final reviews for the Spring 2012 series that I already haven’t do so for yet like Gakkatsu, and only occasionally post about continuing series like Accel World.

So before I start to sound like I’m just desperate for attention (or something like that), I’ll say thanks to any one who cares enough to read, follow, or comment. Here’s to another year of awesome stuff that I’ll do…hoping to really get on stuff once I get back to school and away from my life-sucking family. Now I crack a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper in celebration, and kick back for some time off. If I rebound enough, maybe an editorial or two by the time I get back to school. Additional note, speed draws aren’t happening until I either fix my tablet or get a new one…thanks relatives who don’t know how to treat other people’s property. :3


Acchi Kocchi 11-12/Final Review: If you like-like me, then I might like-like you a lot

So much blood…

In an attempt to make the most out of the last episodes of Acchi Kocchi, I held off on episode 11 and waited until I had episode 12 to feign an hour-long series finale. Made for a very enjoyable experience as I saw Io’s final phase of realization of Tsumiki’s affections towards him…or so I hope he did. I mean, it’s not like it was inconclusive, Io definitely felt concern for Tsumiki that went beyond everyone else. It’s odd, I really wanted Io and Tsumiki to finally get together, fully aware of how the other felt, but this ending has me satisfied in an odd way (feal87, this kinda relates to that post you wrote).

Hey, I just met you…

Io and Tsumiki leave me in a state of “did they…?”, wondering just how close they got at the end. And it wasn’t just a sudden about-face for Io, as episode 11 and Part A of episode 12 really show Io becoming very aware of the implied relationship between him and Tsumiki cresting into his gift to Tsumiki on White Day. In an analytical sense, it’s by no means a conclusive ending, but from a story-telling perspective (keeping in mind that Acchi Kocchi is a romantic comedy), it seems like a solid anchoring point to leave the series.


Second season? I could take it or leave it. Acchi Kocchi did a good job of staying fresh episode-to-episode while still managing to build the characters and keep the comedy. Especially in episode 12, we saw referencing back to the first Valentine’s Day fiasco (Tsumiki and Hime-chan kept an eye on Mayoi this time). Sakaki has a few tricks up his sleeve as he makes good on his promise to serve Mayoi marshmallow-pig’s feet…surely, a man of honor. But if a second season is just gonna tease me with “will they? won’t they?” between Io and Tsumiki, I’d rather it just stop here and let me think they did start seriously dating…or whatever high school kids do when they like-like one another.

Mayoi and Sakaki soon became one with the universe, as Tsumiki tore them into oblivion…

As far as characters, I really enjoyed this cast. It has nothing to do with liking all the characters though. Mayoi drove me up a tree, and I have this love-hate relationship with Sakaki (he’s not as bad as Mayoi, he’s genuinely clever, and sometime’s joins Io in gentlemanly escapades). Tsumiki is a constant source of adorableness wrapped around a killer instinct. Io…Io is…he’s…a gentleman of the highest caliber but one whom doesn’t see what lies in front of him…but at the end he seems to finally shape up and realize Tsumiki like-likes him. Hime-chan, I feel bad that she has to put up with Mayoi but doesn’t have someone like Io to be drawn to…

All-in-all, Acchi Kocchi was a fun show to follow and I recommend it for fans of romantic comedy or just pure comedy. Although I was afraid it was falling onto the Kill Me, Baby! track of repetitive setups, Acchi Kocchi proved to be a character-driven series centered around a girl who like-likes a guy who has no clue, unlike everyone else on the face of the planet.

Acchi Kocchi – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket

Acchi Kocchi 10: Mayoi is Pedobear…I’m not surprised

That one shot in the opening sequence finally makes sense…and I couldn’t be more unsurprised. I doubt there’s ever been a romantic comedy daring enough to turn one of the main characters in a pedobear…and then another into an abducting homeless man. While these are both quite humorous in themselves, Acchi Kocchi goes the extra mile by commencing to stalk lolis and kidnap adults. But then again, who hasn’t had the occasional desire to abduct our homeroom teacher? Such unfair pop quizes…

In addition to Mayoi’s pedo-persona, I think I’ve also figured out something about Io. Perhaps it’s not that he’s teasing Tsumiki or can’t recognize her affections, it’s because EVERY girl he knows acts the same way around him. Tsumiki is just the only one who follows him around. Though he does seem to be fond of her as a close friend, maybe there’s hope for a good ending in store for Tsumiki, after all. I mean, Io certainly seems to appreciate her, at the very least…or am I reading too much into that scene with drink after working Christmas Eve at the Hatch Potch?

Finally, I’m not very pleased with how Mayoi treats Hime-chan… (soap-box mode: activated) she’s my favorite character and I didn’t like it when Mayoi the pedobear scared the living daylights out of Hime…I just didn’t. (soap-box mode: deactivated)


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Acchi Kocchi 9: There Will Be Blood

An estimated 19 liters of human blood was cleaned up after the Nekoge High School festival earlier today, where students, Io Otonashi and Sakaki Inui, were said to be serving crepes with the help of Tsumiki Miniwa, Hime Haruno, and Mayoi Katase. Here, on this usually quiet campus, countless female students and visitors alike seem to have been repeatedly suffering from massive blood ejections through the nose. The cause is, as of yet, unconfirmed, but it is believed to stem from the afore-mentioned Io Otonashi. Honor student, Io Otonashi, long time friend and companion of Sakaki, was reported to be wearing a…”sexy host outfit”, and smiling handsomely at passing customers. Even the crepe shop’s own help wasn’t immune, as both Tsumiki Miniwa and Hime Haruno are thought to have sustained massive blood loss.

Fellow crepe-craftsman, Sakaki Inui also seems to have sustained injury, though it is not believed to be of the same cause as the female victims. Authorities have reason to believe he suffered multiple blunt-force traumas prior to, and during, the school festival.


Law enforcement is now on the search for the group of 5 students, 2 male, 3 female, suspected of mass adorableness and gentlemanly charm. The two males, as mentioned, are believed to be wearing “sexy host” uniforms, and two of the females, Hime Haruno and Mayoi Katase, were last seen in maid costumes, resembling…*ahem* “newlyweds”, while the third female, Tsumiki Miniwa is in a lovingly, handmade cat-mascot outfit. Citizens are warned of massive amounts of cuteness currently on the loose and advised to seek medical attention should they begin to eject suspiciously large amounts of blood through their nasal cavities. …and that’s all I got for the “news report” gimmick.  Hope you liked it, I wanted to keep the fun from the episode going. :3

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Acchi Kocchi 8: Io…he’s just…TOO PERFECT!!!

Damn him and his unbelievable levels of perfection, every other male on the planet now looks lame and inadequate in comparison to this Adonis, surely he’s a god amongst men. Io continues to make everyone else unfortunate enough to share XY chromosomes look bad, from his mastery of marksmanship to beyond human-levels of candy carving expertise, even fish are flying into bowls for the chance to go home with him.

If he has but one flaw, it’s that he still teases Tsumiki. Despite his chivalry in previous episodes, acts such as leaping from trains and what have you, he continues to merely hint at her affections. Perhaps he is waiting for the most perfect opportunity…if that’s the case, surely it must be soon. And when it does, I suggest keeping medics on hand if Hime-chan is within range. But more importantly, when Io finally reciprocates Tsumiki’s feelings, there’s a high probably for the single greatest one-liner ever uttered.

Long story short, prepare for feels…or epic disappoint.

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Acchi Kocchi 7: Io! His Gentleman Level is OVER 9000!!

Tsumiki sees Io’s true level of romantic action as he leaps from a speeding train to keep her company on the platform as their friends continue on the group trip to a creekside cabin. After losing a few pints of blood, both Tsumiki and Hime-chan, the entire group reunites for a fun filled trip during summer break.  Complete with frolicking in the cool waters, fishing, barbecue, fireworks, and, yesh, it’s not complete without both Tsumiki and Hime-chan falling faint from Io’s immense levels of class.

When he’s not resting softly on Tsumiki’s lap or tending to the grill, Io can usually be found spending his down time generally flustering Tsumiki with his unstoppable graces and charm. And when Tsumiki isn’t passed out from blood loss, she can usually be found throwing Mayoi across the room or out the door. As for Hime-chan, when she isn’t beside Tsumiki, suffering from blood loss…she is almost always suffering from blood loss. And Sakaki can’t catch a break, in case you missed the first 6 episodes.


It’s nice to see Hime-chan actually win a competition for once, though. As they’re firing off fireworks, Io prepares the “parachute”. As it descends toward the ground, Sakaki and Mayoi start off in a race to grab the falling prize first. Both take a log to the shin. Hime-chan wins. I’m happy. End of story.

All-in-all, if Io isn’t getting closer to reciprocating Tsumiki’s love for him, I must be daft. Or he is some new super class of gentleman that I cannot comprehend (that’s very possible). Maybe it needs to be more on Tsumiki to become more direct with her intentions, and actually talk to Io about her feelings….am I over-thinking this?

Acchi Kocchi – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket

And now, a Public Service Announcement about a balanced diet from the cast of Acchi Kocchi and NewAnimeThursday:

Acchi Kocchi 6: Spring (and to more relevant extent, Love) is in the Air

Can’t say I disagree.

In freshly pressed uniforms, Tsumiki and friends make it to warmer weather and more varied activities at school, like cleaning the pool and studying for final exams. For once, an adorable time is had without turning things into competition, despite Sakaki’s attempts. I’m also starting to think that not only is Io a perfect match for Tsumiki, he might just be perfect.

Or at least very profound…

Io’s shirt…must…SNIFF


Meanwhile, Sakaki seems to can’t catch a break. But the good news is that Hime-chan stayed safe this episode, though slight danger when a wild puddle of water appeared. Luckily, Io is tough enough to take a hit…or two. Speaking of Io, it may just be me, but he does seem to be getting closer and closer to reciprocating Tsumiki’s feelings for him. And Tsumiki is reaching critical levels of adoration…so the sooner the better.