Writer, creator, editor, and chief otaku of NewAnimeThursday: BeldenOtaku.
While ultimately a very complex individual, I guess I’ll take a quick crack and giving the short and narrow on a page for those of you dying to know more about me (or bored with time to kill, either way). :3

Currently a first-year art major with a minor in international studies at a university in the southeastern United States. My focus is graphic design, but that’s mostly just because my school doesn’t offer animation explicitly. Hobbies include drawing, sleeping, watching anime, reading manga, playing video games, and wasting time on the internets. I’m also currently an admin for the Azusa Nakano, Cool Story Bro, but Needs More de geso, and League of Emotional Otaku pages on Facebook.

I’ve been watching anime essentially my whole life, and about halfway through high school was when I started taking my soon-to-be obsession seriously. I now spend 1-2 hours a day watching, blogging, and reading about anime. On top of drawing, design, and language classes and their subsequent assignments.

Currently looking forward to Fall 2013 which is when I’m planning on leaving for Ristumeikan University to study abroad at their college of image arts. I hope to one day become an animator and make series of the same quality that I enjoy so much now. For now, I practice lining and color styling by making speed draw videos whenever school work isn’t too heavy.

50 Questions About BeldenOtaku

I don’t want to give away any sensitive personal information, like real name, age, weight, address, etc., but if you want to chat, message, or just ask a question, here’s an email address and an AIM account. If I’m on my macbook, I usually have iChat open so I should be online. If you comment on a post or page, I try to respond promptly (unless I’m asleep when you post it), and only tend to wait to respond to the longer comments so I can get on the computer and properly respond.

Email: BeldenOtaku@gmail.com (the caps are needed)
Skype: belden.otaku
If you do email or IM me, please be sure that either your userID lets me know who you are, or include in your message that you read NewAnimeThursday, or I’ll ignore it.

BeldenOtaku on DeviantART
BeldenOtaku on MyAnimeList
BeldenOtaku on Youtube 

BeldenOtaku on Facebook pages: You’ve got to be Squidding Me (Belden), The League of Emotional Otaku (Tooru)

If I ever come up with something particularly important I feel like sharing, I’ll add it…other than that, you can probably already guess A Channel is my favorite anime series and that I use Tooru Ichii as the mascot for NewAnimeThursday :3


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