Unexcused Absences

I know it’s probably taboo to make posts explaining why you don’t post, but it’s been almost a month since my last review and I felt an explanation is in order. It’s nothing to do with not wanting to review anything this season or even wanting to change my style of blogging. I’m just too mentally exhausted from a heavy load of school work to muster up the endurance for a solid anime review post. I’m regularly working 9-6 everyday trying to catch up and maintain status in drawing, design, Japanese, and International Studies classes.

If you don’t already stalk me on twitter,  you may not be aware that I suffered a concussion about a month or so ago, and had to spend a week in bed. Which means I missed a lot of lab classes. I’m currently two projects behind in Drawing II, and barely managing to maintain my progress in Design II. Fortunately, my Japanese and Int’l Studies are in acceptable orders, but the two lab classes aren’t easy to recover in. And add on top of that advisement for next semester, which is looking to be heavy on mathematics, and less on autistic (fun) stuff.

As much as I want to write (I’m having this nice little love affair with Chuu-whatever…yeah, I can’t spell it), I know that it’s just going to be the tired, brain-dead ramblings of a burnt college student running on caffeine. So, until my school work is back in order, I don’t think you can expect much writing, though I’ll be doing final reviews for whatever I watch without a doubt. So, apologies from this tired otaku as I try to get everything back in order…


4 thoughts on “Unexcused Absences

  1. No need to apologize… I understand that Murphy’s Law sometimes happen at the most inconvenient moment. One’s health is more important and I’m glad that you are okay.

    Aside from that, I hope you catch up with your college work and hopefully come back to blogging. While I was lucky not to suffer a serious injury in my life, I did have experienced a overactive thyroid that had an impact on my well-being in addition to my college performance and blogging (in fact, my blogging dropped during the first few months of 2011 because my condition got a bit worse). But still, college work is more important as it affects the future, so I hope you do your best and not overwork yourself too much.

    • Thanks for the concern :3
      My classes end in early December, so caught up or not, that’ll be the latest I return to attempting regular blogging.
      Hopefully I don’t hit my head again or trip up the benign cancer they found during a CT scan after the incident.

  2. Yikes, a concussion is not good =( Did you hit your head or something?

    While I was a full time student living on my own at college, I had to put my blog on hiatus during the school terms and only posted during vacations. So I understand not having the time for blogging. Concentrating on your studies takes priority though. Good luck.

    • My dorm bed (being old) doesn’t always fall and spring back like I expect, so I fell too hard sitting down and continued to fall back, knocking my head into the concrete wall behind me.
      Yeah, I’ve somehow managed to try to keep active during school, but it seems to get harder as the classes get more intense. Schoolwork definitely takes priority, but I felt bad just falling off the planet (seemingly).

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