Gundam AGE 46: Battle for Eden

Gundam AGE has managed to get me excited, somehow. Maybe it’s the climaxing romance between Zeheart and Fram, or maybe how Kio is this close to being forced to kill. Maybe it’s just that I know Flit is bound for a stress-induced heart attack soon. But I do know that both the Vagan and the Federation are going all-out for a final battle over the Earth Sphere. The Vagan’s Second Moon lies guarded behind the orbital cannon that took out the Big Ring, Digmazenon. And Kio is struggling to avoid using the Gundam AGE-FX’s new FX-Burst mode; though, to be honest, Zanald has been asking for an ass-kicking for a while now (I’d count it as a mercy killing…).

For once, both the Federation and Vagan seem evenly matched as far as suits are concerned. Even the Genoaces can manage enough firepower to combat Vagan suits, and once the Digmazenon is dealt with, the field will be largely even until it becomes (inevitably) a fight for X-Rounders. But, new to the battlefield, Deen has returned. Not sure yet if he joined the fight simply to track Kio down as some thanks for helping his sister (kind of), or if it’s part of some revenge for…I don’t know…letting his sister die happy(ish)?

So with a mixture of anticipation for the ensuing battle and hopes of the series ending soon, I’m eager for episode 47. Odds say that “FX-Burst mode” isn’t as super amazing as they make it seem, and Kio will only use it for a short period of time, and not against Vagan. That giant suit guarding the EXA-DB is still out there, remember?
At least the battle animation has gotten better since the first two arcs.

Gundam AGE – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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