Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II 5-6: That was a Batman reference, right?

That or being serious is quite an issue these days. Now that England has thrown down the gauntlet and even Tachibana from the Tres Espana is involved, how much longer until Musashi makes it move to reclaim the Deadly Sin Armaments from England? All I can definitively say is that these England Islanders are a weird bunch…if that means anything in the Horizon universe.

Horizon continually proves you don’t need no backstory to enjoy a series set in an unimaginably complex universe. This episode had a lot of info-dump that would’ve taken half a season to build up for any other series. Like the Lost Nobles and mis-enacted history concerning the Fairy Queen, various points leading up to, what I’m guessing is, a falling out between the England Floating Isles and the Testament Union.  But I’m not sure yet why they would attack Musashi students in an effort challenge Tori, the chancellor. Luckily, his date with Horizon went uninterrupted while his faithful followers fought off the barrage of cultural references.

And now that Horizon has agreed to start a world war to selfishly regain her emotions, Tori is firm in his stance to send out Musashi. If it means fewer deaths than a world ending armageddon, I guess a worldwide all-out war could be a positive thing. But I’m more concerned that there’s some sort of character fake out around the Scarred Dame, who supposedly is Double Bloody Mary, currently sentenced to death by execution, per the Testament. I got feels for Tenzou, I really liked the love interest he had going with the Scarred Dame, and now to find out she’s supposed to die…I’d bet he’s going to spend some time rescuing her, with some help from Tori.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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