Accel World 18: I really wanted to see the Dusk Taker conclusion

But I guess Kuroyukihime-sempai’s Okinawa exploits are interesting too, as we meet 3 new Burst Linkers fighting outside the hustle and bustle of Tokyo’s stages. I think this is slowly rebuilding all the lost connections Kuroyukihime alluded to when she was consoling Megumi, as the red player drinking away his problems seems to be an old acquaintance of the Black King.

Ruka and Mana seem quite capable for middle schoolers who’ve never been to the large scale battles between Legion Kings in Tokyo, maybe sometime soon they’ll join up with Haru and Kuoryukihime. If they’re not immediately thrown into the fights, they might just be a part of a string of allies reappearing for some final battle (maybe against Haru if that armor brings itself to bare before the end of the season).

I think the “monster” roaming around Okinawa’s unlimited field might be some kind of beast tamer, much like Ash Roller’s primary weapon was his motorcycle, this Burst Linker may rely on a captured animal with immense power. If it traces back to what Nomi mentioned about a “new generation of Burst Linkers”, I’ll be very impressed. Slowly unveiling a rising rebellion beyond the Legion wars on the surface would be a great cliffhanger to keep me waiting for the second season. I just hope Kuoryukihime’s Okianawa arc isn’t too long, I really want to get back to Haru’s fight with Dusk Taker to get his wings back.

Accel World – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


4 thoughts on “Accel World 18: I really wanted to see the Dusk Taker conclusion

  1. “I really wanted to see the Dusk Taker conclusion”

    Well, I see that you are more interested in the rage chain than this. Either way, please do not underestimate breathers like this — this saved my life from a *fake* heart attack due to the raaaage.

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