Anime…all the time?

If you’ve been stalking me, then you know that I haven’t posted anything here in about a week. While I could easily attribute this to packing/moving/working on other projects, I think it could be better summarized as me simply not wanting to watch any anime, whether I was writing about it or not. I even tried to catch up on Folktales from Japan (which I’m still 10 episodes behind), but I just wasn’t in the mood to watch any anime last week, much less write about it.

Some, rather annoying, anime fans may conclude that I don’t have the same level of passion for it that others do. But I see it more like this: how can you appreciate something fully if you don’t occasionally go outside your norm? When it comes to anime, how could you be able to understand why you like it so much if you don’t take in other forms of media and entertainment? While I normally entertain myself with more than just anime, programs like Adventure Time, Scrubs, and Louie frequent my television, whatever I’m currently watching from the season tends to hold majority over my entertainment content.

But what happens when you cut out your majority share of entertainment? If you look at my Youtube history, you’d see that I start watching interviews with everyone from Louie C.K. , Jon Stewart, and Ze Frank, every abridged episode I find, random Pokemon videos, and one hour long videos about the “hidden” human history involving Atlantis, Jesus, and martians. Essentially, a range of comedy to seriousness. But what’s important to take away is that it helped me to break away from the usual tranes of thought that watching anime keeps you on. Being able to delve into topical subjects helps to freshen your outlook in ways anime can’t. There’s also a certain way of interacting with others, both online and in real life, that gets impaired when all you watch is cartoons (being brutally honest).

Or maybe this is all just me and I’m over-thinking being too lazy to write anything for a week. What do others think of not watching anime for a week to explore outside tastes in other forms of media? Is it a good idea to get back to why you liked anime in the first place, or just a horrible excuse to let new shows pile up on the docket while you don’t watch them…which reminds me, new stuff to watch and write about.


4 thoughts on “Anime…all the time?

  1. Besides the couple of times I was away in Japan, I don’t think a whole week has ever gone by in the last ten years where I didn’t watch at least a little anime – definitely no more than a day or two where I didn’t engage in some anime-related activities. But I don’t believe you should be so obsessed with something that it’s the ONLY thing you spend all your free time with. Anime is my greatest passion of course, but when I’m not blogging about it once every few days or watching anime during my standard “anime time” between 10pm-12am at night, I do other things: I watch other kinds of movies (mostly Western animation but not always), I study Japanese, I volunteer at my local animal shelter, I go out with friends to places like the beach or amusement parks, I play video games, read literature…it’s good to have something you truly love, but it’s important to be more worldly than that and find other things you enjoy too, to keep things in perspective 😉

  2. While I like Anime, of course I don’t watch it all the time. When I’m not watching Anime, I study Japanese, read political/technology articles, play video games, etc. Of course with everything in life, there has to be a balence. If I watched Anime 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year, I probably get bored of it… Same goes for not watching any at all.

    But yeah, I don’t watch American TV and don’t have any feeling towards American Music… I feel that they have gone downhill since the millenium when TV Stations decide to make more reality shows while music labels create more songs about partying, sex, drinking, and drugs with autotune applied to most of them. (probably rock and taltented artists like Adele are exceptions, although good talent is increasingly becoming hard to find in Western entertainment)

    • I hear what you’re saying, Americans have become so enamored in the most untalented “celebrities”, I can really only stomach The Daily Show (for making fun of them) and some Adventure Time…though I don’t say much about it because my own musical tastes are really from whatever anime I liked :3

      Don’t be afraid to explore media. Read something new, watch a curious youtube video (there’s a lot of interesting TED Talks out there), and don’t forget that there can be too much of a good thing. Varying your intake helps the brain to travel new tranes of thought and can invigorate old passions.

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