Hyouka 15-16: Textbook Crimes

Juumoji continues to strike in an order outlined similarly in A.B.C. Murders, as Houtarou was able to figure out after the Classics Club becomes fully involved in the school-sweeping scandal. The clues don’t exactly add up and all this suspense is making me think Hyouka is about to drop some purposefully underwhelming conclusion (like Houtarou’s sister planned it all or it was a stunt to set up the Classics Club so they could sell more anthologies). Everything Houtarou gets just seems to have so serendipitously appeared, like the manga he got from his sister which referenced to a Christy mystery which is also the same manga Mayaka was going to show to other members of the Manga Society but couldn’t find at home. I can’t shake this feeling that Houtarou’s sister is behind all of this…but I have no theory as to how except that she planned and committed EVERYTHING.

It’s a bit far-fetched that she’d be behind it all, but I can’t really reach another conclusion. But that may just mean the plot is doing a good job not hinting the conclusion. If it were so simple, it wouldn’t be fun, right? I just wish this wasn’t such a convoluted situation. Why would someone start the thefts to begin with? Why would they adhere to a pattern? Why would they break the pattern (or have they actually followed it but not how Houtarou thinks)? They skipped “ku” and went straight to a theft from “ke” (the Light Music Club). I do think there’s already been a “ku” theft, but it’s as-of-yet unrealized. The thefts are definitely set up so the thief can be caught, almost like he/she wants to be caught. If they were just randomly stealing items, why leave a note? Why leave a name that reveals your pattern? And with the school whipped up into a frenzy, why continue? This is definitely a crime spree with a purpose in mind, and the purpose seems to revolve around the Classics Club…or at least that’s what the general theory seems to be.

Though the pressing mystery is a big plot point, I can’t let it overshadow the, admittedly, confusing tensions running through the Manga Society. Mayaka is at odds with other club members, and the rivalry takes an ugly turn when a small dab of brush water becomes a soaking in the middle of a busy festival booth. If the mystery ties back into the stress in the manga club, I certainly can’t see it coming. But I really want whatever these girls have against Mayaka to be resolved, it’s hard to watch sometimes…

Hyouka – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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