Gundam AGE 41-43: Luna Base, Three Romances Will Form History

Okay, technically 2 romances and 1 bromance. Above the Federation’s captured Luna base, the turncoat Reina Spriggan joins Fram and Zeheart’s fight with “no-kill” Kio and Asemu the pirate king. An X-Rounder test pilot, Reina lost the love of her life in a “training accident”, further evidence of the Federation’s corruption. Since then, she’s vowed vengeance on the system that so needlessly sacrificed the man she vowed to stay with forever. Even though they’re on the same side, Fram and Reina butt heads as the “love yet to be” and the “love lost”. Each vying for their chance at the Gundam, Fram for Zeheart’s recognition, and Reina for revenge.

After (yet again) commanding the Federation front from the shadows through Algreus, Flit embarks in the suped up AGE-1 to join Kio and Asemu now fighting a 3-on-2 battle while Federation forces dredge closer to the base on the lunar surface. Determined to exterminate the Vagan at all costs, Flit tells Algreus to prepare the Plasma Dive Missile, able to obliterate the entire base in an instant. Like most tactical weaponry, this missile isn’t picky about what’s in it’s area of detonation, most likely taking out all the Federation forces on the surface as well as Vagan.

Critical to any Gundam series is the romantic aspect, someone has to die for their lost love, and someone has to save their love-to-be. As the fighting continues, Reina begins to lose control of her X-Rounder abilities, and even takes control of Fram, Zeheart, and Kio’s bits as she lets loose attacking everyone out of spite for Girard’s untimely death. Kio tries to placate her with his “we dont’ have to fight” rhetoric, but, unable to move, all the X-Rounders are useless as Reina goes mad with power. I was hoping it’d be the Ace Pilot’s time to shine, and out-fight the X-Rounder, but it was Flit’s quick shot that was able stop her rampage. Kind of…disappointing, really (I hate giving him credit). But not before the star-crossed lover caused Zeheart’s suit to be damaged, leaving Fram to keep him safe from the premonition she had before the battle.

Back to Flit’s looming threat of Plasma Dive Missiles, Abis gets word of the preparations, and sees through Algreus’s endgame. They have 20 minutes to clear out the base, or die trying. Thankfully, the Vagan had competent command, understanding the value of their soldiers’ lives. Surrendering their officers with the condition that other personel be allowed to retreat, the Vagan return control of Luna Base back to the Federation. And I’m left conflicted, I like Fram, but she’s stealing Zeheart away from the one true bromance…oh, and Vagan’s home base thingy is headed towards the Earth sphere now.

Gundam AGE – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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