Accel World 16-17: More Than a Few Surprises

Haru doesn’t have to wait long for his rematch with Nomi. And for once his new ability directly effects his whole confidence issue (that so annoyingly likes to pop up in the middle of important fights). With the power of will, Haru can quickly override the limits of Accel World to push through faster and stronger. And it’s not some cheap one-trick pony, willpower pretty much won his fight against Nomi. Well, that and some good old-fashioned bro-bro teamwork (Topped off with a bro-fist of the highest caliber). All thanks to Sky Raker, Haru’s newest friend in Accel World, and an old ally of Kuroyukihime as well.

In traditional plot-twisting fashion, Haru wasn’t the only one fighting with willpower. Though, in the end, it was the drive of his wishes versus Nomi’s petty desires that won the match. Even without his original wings, Haru proves that it’s heart that wins fights, not dirty tricks. But even in victory, there’s a sore spot when Nomi mentioned he wasn’t one of the “first generation” of Burst Linkers, and that he goes by a different name. I can’t really tell what he may mean by that, whether it implies a wave of players fighting by cheating the system and forming a new legion to combat the old legions or something else entirely, but we’ve got bigger issues to deal with.

In yet another plot twist, Chiyu comes to Nomi’s aid, healing him with Lime Bell’s special ability. I personally want to think Nomi is still blackmailing her, and she’s just afraid of inadvertently taking Taku and Haru down with her, but you can’t really tell now that Nomi’s dropped this business about not being a “first-generation” Burst Linker. There’s the possibility she’s in on it too, and is sided against Taku and Haru. I really hope not…but it seems like the next episode won’t give us many answers as it’ll focus on Kuroyukihime-sempai while on vacation (and some Burst Linker stuff probably happens…).

Accel World – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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