Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II 3-4: Driving a Hard Bargain

After crash-landing on the British Isles, Musashi begins diplomacy with the English as they begin their preparations for the re-telling enactment of their battle with the Spanish Armada, according to the Testament. To prevent unforeseeable circumstances should the Testament Union find England accepting aid from the rogue Musashi student council, their transactions will veiled by a joint festival. Thanks to some slick negotiating on Shirojiro’s part, Musashi gains enough festival time to move out soon-to-spoil meat while England goes into overdrive to preserve it for the upcoming battle.

On the sidelines, Tenzou makes a new friend and most likely romantic interest in the secretly female Scarred Dame. If her identity isn’t revealed, I’m expecting tons of gay jokes. Speaking of sexually-orientated jokes, Azuma still doesn’t know what sex is (insert me laughing uproariously and clapping like a retard seal). But he’s in good company, as Naomasa and Horizon also don’t know what sex is, leading Masazumi to half-heartedly try to explain it…though still leaving Azuma confused, I’m sure. All the while, Musashi students and England’s cultural reference squad seems to become more chummy as the festival approaches.

In his first appearance wearing clothes this season, Tori takes Horizon on a date as the festival starts. He still needs to convince her that starting a world war is worth recovering her emotions, and that she’s not an excuse to do so or a hinderance to progress otherwise. Tori needs Horizon to believe that he’s doing it because he loves her…but is that still enough to offset the costs of waging war against an alliance that’s controlling most of the planet and has just as sizable a military to match? Well, Tori seems to think so, and Musashi supports him, so I’m going to have to assume they’ve got a plan up their sleeves. (Maybe it’s just to steal all the Deadly Sin Armors and run away…) Whatever their plan is, the Tres Espana have arrived to crash the party as the date of the Testament battle is nearing. As ever, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon moves effortlessly from plot point to plot point, making easy work of time for the sake of a forward moving story that’s really trying to take a lot of ground in a complex world. I’m not sure if the students should get comfortable in England, or if they’re soon to be thrown across the globe again in search of the Deadly Sin Armors, but they’ve certainly got the charisma to handle any situation with their fearless leader, the ever energetic nudist, and his unemotional girlfriend.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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