Hyouka 13-14: Cooking with Fire

Houtarou for the win, giving Mayaka the crucial ingredient in the cooking contest, landing the Classics Club plenty of publicity. But out of personal victory, comes the (hopefully) final straw leading the club to investigate the mysteriously “borrowed” items across campus, the latest being what was to be the Classics Club’s ladle, replaced with a note promising its return. Maybe solving such a public mystery will get the club publicity for their anthology.

The cooking contest had more suspense than I anticipated, and I was hanging on the outcome. Watching from the edge of my seat as Mayaka was in a frenzy to try and finish strong for the club after missing the first ten minutes of her round was exhilarating. Then to see Oreki throw out the 7 minute save, the product of a few lucky trades no less, was amazing. Probably the first time Hyouka has gotten me this excited outside of an unsolved mystery. Although I’m not surprised Chitanda was such a skilled cook, when she was sitting in the second chair, that’s where I considered most of the potential for the Classics Club to be in the cooking contest. But Mayaka surprised me a bit, pulling off something so random using so few odd ingredients was very interesting.

The anthologies still haven’t moved enough and the publicity doesn’t seem to be spreading through Kanya Fest as much as Satoshi would’ve hoped. Like I said earlier, solving a high-profile mystery like the “Jumonji” thefts might give them the spotlight to move more anthologies. I also wonder if “Jumonji” is supposed to be a reference to the story about a magic board game (had a movie with Robin Williams) and is more kanji wordplay. Or I’m completely off and will be happily surprised when Oreki blows my mind with the true meaning.

Hyouka – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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