Accel World 14-15: Flying High on the Wings of Guy Love (Between Two Guys)

New OP and ED are new. I liked the first ones more, but these are catchy and interesting too. I particularly like the 2-sided Kuroyukihime fighting over Haru…like he’s some sort of prize. I guess it means Kuro-sempai winning him over in real life as opposed to him simply following her duel avatar. Also, the Chiyu fanservice was kinda overdue and I’m sure much appreciated…Haru has now peeped on 2/4 main female characters, the remaining being Kuroyukihime and Aqua Current.

Nomi, new kid and nerd/bully (odd combination), has taken Haru by the nads, and the wings. Now Haru no longer rules the skies of Accel World as Nomi’s killer move allows him steal killer moves, abilities, and armors from other players, and to add insult to injury, Haru and Chiyu are being blackmailed at school to be Nomi’s victims. This is very much Haru’s weak spot, bullies. He’s returned to the same place he was before he became a Burst Linker, underfoot a nasty manipulator. Only this time Chiyu has been dragged with him and Kuroyukihime isn’t around to save him.

So it’s up to some…”other” friends to help Haru out. Ash Roller makes a comeback (glad to see friendly(ish) rivalries and that it’s not all about “I’mma fight you ’til you die!” or about becoming the best, some just enjoy the game like Chiyu tries to get Haru and Taku to) to find out Silver Crow’s wings have been clipped. Now he’s taken Crow (after an oddly bromantic motorcycle ride through the desert) to the home of Ash’s own guardian, Sky Raker, who’s supposed to be able to help him. I’m foreseeing a few pushes off the cliff as Sky Raker yells “Fly, you socially awkward warrior!”, only to watch Silver Crow plummet to the ground.

Not even sure if it’s possible for Nomi’s stolen abilities to be returned, it’s hard to say what’ll happen next. Will Haru simply learn to combat his own skill and somehow retake it from Nomi, or will he relearn flight, defeat Nomi, and deal with a bully for the first time in his life? Either way, I want that smug bastard dealt with. Nomi’s character does a good job of bringing up feelings of disgust and loathing towards him. I’d almost say he went over the line threatening Chiyu, but then I’d just start thinking he perhaps has some psychological error that’s causing him to be an evil little twerp.

Haru’s little outburst with Taku worries me a bit concerning that Catastrophe Armor seed that’s lying in wait for him (or what I suspect to be the Catastrophe Armor). Is this just Haruaki breaking down under the stress of the maniacal nerd who beat him down, or is the seed slowly working it’s way to the surface of Haru’s mind? Without his wings, Haru seems at a prime disadvantage that would lead him to give into the armor’s temptations of power. The kind of power that could help him easily put away any one who dared take advantage of Haru or Chiyu…

Accel World – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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