Gundam AGE 38-40: Superior Race and an Approaching Endgame

Kio’s time spent on the Vagan Second Moon has given him much to think about and he now weighs the burden of understanding that the Vagan are just humans looking to live peacefully. The people of Vagan want to escape the Mars Rays that are killing them, meanwhile, Flit puppets the Federation into a no-holds-barred fight to the death with the Vagan and their EXA-DB derived weaponry. Even though Exelcant wants to create a superior race of humans to end the fighting, he’s willing to sacrifice the Vagan people to achieve it. He must also intend on destroying non-superior humans to clear the path in his “Project Eden”, because removing the flaw from humanity is the only way to reach a peaceful utopia, in his mind. Now, in order to return balance to the fight, Asemu aims to help the Federation retake their moon base (that no one mentioned being taken away in the first place), a staging area for Vagan attacks on the Earth sphere.

Combining the EXA-DB and the Gundam AGE-3, Exelcant quickly outdates the Federation’s best suit using the Gundam Legilis, the Vagan’s own Gundam unit. Not even Kio and Asemu together could stand up to this singularly overpowered unit. But using data collected from the AGE-3, the AGE system has quickly whipped up the newest, and seemingly penultimate Gundam model, the Gundam AGE-FX (“Following X-Rounder”, as if naming was just a joke). Using the AGE-FX’s new agility and his newfound determination, Kio manages to fight without killing Vagan soldiers, by severing the cockpits and allowing the pilots to SOS for help. Flit, on the other hand, plans to go all out on the Vagan attackers, and blow the bases off of the face of the moon using very dangerous weaponry.

The generational opinion gap between Kio, Asemu, and Flit is growing wider as Kio is still looking for a peaceful resolution, Asemu looks to simply¬†minimize casualties, and Flit wants to utterly destroy everything that thinks differently from him. I foresee Kio making a solid effort to use his method to end the struggle without unnecessarily killing Vagan soldiers, and Flit decides to blow the shit out of the Vagan-held base. Asemu and Kio will try to stop Flit, if they do, they’ll either alienate Flit from them or say something half-cheesey, half-inspirational to change Flit’s mind after years of hating the Vagan. Eventually Kio will have to meet up again with Deen, otherwise showing him joining the Vagan army is just pointless. I can’t decide if Deen is doing it to fight Kio, or just to meet him again.

The next episode seems to hold a focus on Fram (finally!). I can’t wait to see her in action and possibly some backstory. I don’t know why, but I’m just eager to see more of her, maybe it’s just the mystery of her role in the greater story and her changing ulterior motives. With Exelcant’s own clock running out, I think this story is quickly reaching a close as Vagan and Federation forces finally come to a conclusive head, where the views of three generations will be brought to bear against one another for the future of humanity.

Also, is the new ED some kind of foreshadowing? Or just the usual Gundam-esque graveness?

Gundam AGE – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


2 thoughts on “Gundam AGE 38-40: Superior Race and an Approaching Endgame

    • Well, to be fair, all the Gundam series follow the similar model that SEED kinda epitomizes. AGE just seems to be doing it in the cheapest, most black and white way.

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