Tari Tari 1-2: It’s like K-On!, but with music

So after waiting longer than I would’ve liked after the fact, I finally watched the first two episodes of Tari Tari (MyAnimeList). In short, high school senior Konatsu Miyamoto looks to reconcile past mistakes by starting her own choir group after the vice principal refuses to let her sing in the school’s choir. Joining her are friend and horse rider, Sawa Okita, and gifted musician Wakana Sakai. Though they’re not particularly important to the story yet, Taichi Takana and newly transferred student Atsuhiro Maeda seem to be holding some part in the episode to come. Referring back to the title, Tari Tari very much seems to be structured like K-On!, where a group of characters coming together through music grow and mature as they approach the end of a chapter in their lives…but with them actually playing music and singing.

The visuals are top notch and really compliment the quality of the music. The characters, while not exceptionally notable, have a very realistic feeling to them, which I really appreciate. Each one seems to have their own varying pasts and expectations for the future, but they don’t scream them from the outset. Subtlety is a very good touch for Tari Tari that I’m expecting to turn into more depth by the end of the story. I’m looking forward to this series for its slow-paced plot around growing up and learning to reconcile yourself with your past while defining your future. I’m also hoping for more lyrical, as well as visual, treats.

Tari Tari – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket

Also, behold the lord of violin dancing….


5 thoughts on “Tari Tari 1-2: It’s like K-On!, but with music

    • Let me put it this way, A Channel had an insert song for every episode. If K-On! had an insert song for every episode, it’d have double the music. Also, a lot of time in K-On! was spent doing cute things instead of playing music. More than half of the final episodes was spent on that RomeoxJuilet/MioxRitsu service alone.
      Tari Tari talks about singing/playing music, and then they do it…

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