Hyouka 11.5-12: What was the point of the pool, again? Oh well, anthologies…

Fun in the low quality sun (hence no pics) before the Kanya Fest where the Classics Club tries to sell some anthologies, and by “some”, I mean 300. I don’t see why the Executive Committee president didn’t move heaven and earth when Chitanda asked for help, she certainly is able to get Houtarou going (now we know it’s not just her eyes that are magic *wink wink*). But by Houtarou’s expressive sighs and Chitanda’s distractions, I think they’re all having fun. I’m still rather confused about the “punk” who needed the broken pen Houtarou’s sister gave him…maybe that leads to something later on, he did get a backstage pass to the fashion show (for whatever that’s worth).

I honestly can’t discern any plot points other than the conclusive nature of the festival and the sale of the anthology. It all just seems like idling the character stories to get an event underway…but then again, you never should see good plot points coming. From a Houtarou-like perspective, half a dozen small clues have been dropped, but they don’t seem to line up or point to any definitive conclusion. I have no theories or foresights, but this episode was still enjoyable to see the culmination of the club’s work coming to fruition, along with all the little side ventures the members are getting into.

Finally, new ED is new…and it’s fun to see the group Sherlock-style. Houtarou makes for quite the despondent criminal, kinda odd with such a spunky-looking sidekick like Satoshi. But I’m sure Chitanda-Holmes and Mayaka-Watson can track down the lethargic ne’er-do-well and his hyperactive goon.

Hyouka – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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