Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II 1: The History of Humanity Seems to Revolve Around One Nude Man

The second season starts with guns blazing as Tres Espana brings to bear their Deadly Sins Armaments on the fleeing Musashi ship. After rescuing Horizon and recovering the first part of her stolen personality from a Deadly Sin Armament, the students, effectively declaring war on the Testament Union, prepare to track down other Armaments to complete Horizon and probably end the Testament Union’s tyranny (I mean, they don’t explicitly mention it, but I’m sure it’ll be a part of the larger story). Giving the Tres Espana the slip, Musashi accelerates towards the floating island remnant of Great Britain (as per the re-enactment of the Testament), who is unaligned with the Testament Union, but has no relation with the Far East either. The students are now in a sparring match with the British welcome wagon, the imperial cultural reference committee…I mean the “Trump”.

Horizon certainly isn’t wasting time, are they? Though I do appreciate them taking some time to dialogue the specs of their various abilities. For future note, there are way too many terms and names to keep track of, so forgive me if I ever get names, or anything of the like, incorrect. I’m just glad they’ve kinda noted the mistake of the first season, which didn’t cover the prologue of the novel (explaining the Horizon universe, from the Testament to the specs on the various powers and roles the characters represent as the events of human history are being replayed). The characters are taking a few seconds to name and explain their powers prior to battle, even noting conditions their roles place on the sequencing of events (like how Asama, as a Shrine Maiden, can’t shoot at people). All of this is a plus, and a detractor from the confusion that Horizon inevitably creates.

I’m also greatly pleased to see that the sense of humor is still exactly the same as in season 1. No situation is too heavy for Aoi to show up naked. Luckily, this time we have Horizon ready to keep him in line. The fringes of the main cast are also a laugh riot, I was left in stitches as Naruze explains sex to Azuma, and then Azuma yells at Miriam to have sex with the ghost child so they’d stop arguing…throw in a few large, exposed breasts and Tori’s constant, almost obsessive nudity, and you’ve got the basis for Horizon-style comedy.

There’s almost too much cultural referencing for me to fully cover, from the Tres Espana, a Western culture reference, using baseballs and track teams to attack Musashi, to the Trump using tennis rackets and literature to welcome the students to their stereotypical empire island. I’m really curious about Great Britain’s “Fairy Queen”, and how the Testament Union plans to respond, seeing as they’ve now been upstaged multiple times by the rogue nation of students who managed to steal away one of their Deadly Sin Armaments, a key to the armageddon many believe is soon to befall the Earth.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket 


7 thoughts on “Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II 1: The History of Humanity Seems to Revolve Around One Nude Man

  1. We need to have Sex my friend Beldenotaku! Preferably each one of us with one of the girl of Musashi…:P

    Seriously talking, Great comeback for a great series…:)

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