Accel 13: Welcome to the Accelerated World, Chiy-err, Lime Bell

Finally, maybe now Chiyu will stop being a distraction to the action in following Accel World now that she can just tag along and stop complaining about Haru and Taku playing (…pipe dream?). But despite her eagerness to kick butt and take names, Lime Bell’s power is even more special than Chiyu could’ve imagined. She’s one of only 3 healers in the history of Accel World, highly sought after and valued players. The only other remaining healer is now a king of a legion of his/her own. With a little defensive boosting, she could become an invaluable asset in Nega Nebulous, which could help overcome what they lack in numbers. And perhaps alleviate some of the falling on his own ass that Haru seems so keen on.

Along with a newly donned Burst Linker, the group also sees a new crop of freshmen enter the school as they move up into the same class. Though at first it seemed as if there were no Burst Linkers in the bunch, Taku’s kendo opponent seems to show beyond ordinary speed and responsiveness, but even then, Haru found no sign of another Linker on the school’s network. Now, pardon me for poking holes, but is it such a stretch that they’d be using the Global Net to avoid being easily spotted? If I walked into a network with 4 Burst Linkers already present, I wouldn’t broadcast the presence of a new guy either. That or find a way to keep my avatar from appearing on the fight list.

Haru and Taku are also on the line for the territory fights in the coming week while Kuro-sempai is away on a class trip. If they can make use of Lime Bell’s healing ability, they’ll do fine, but then again, it may not be the best thing to reveal such a key power before she’s had a chance to get some experience in the mechanics of the Accel World. I foresee at least one kidnapping attempt, maybe a concerted effort to simply keep the healer out of Nega Nebulous. I wouldn’t put it past Chiyo to consider leaving Accel World, but then she’ll commit to stick with Taku and Haru in her hopes of returning to how it was when they were kids.

Accel World – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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