Accel World 12: Haru is on the verge of becoming an anime Darth Vader

With Chrome Disaster taken care of and a friendship between Yukino and her guardian on the road to repair, Haru is left with what appears to be the remnants of the Catastrophe armor that have taken control of Cherry Rook. Even though he’s finally managed to think past his own faults, realizing his own inner strength as well as the outer, that armor is now sitting in wait, for the day he gives into despair, like Cherry Rook when Scarlet Rain surpassed him and became a legion king.

With Haru and Kuro as examples, we see the sensitive nature of the connection between a Burst Linker and their avatar. Hesitation really has no place in Accel World when it causes your avatar to freeze in place. But it’s a bit comforting to see that it wasn’t the armor itself that just took unrelenting control of a Linker, Cherry wanted power, and fell to the temptation of the armor, allowed it in, allowed it to go on a rampage. The armor seems to feed off of the doubt and fear of Linkers, as it’s now trying to do with Haru by tempting him the power he wants, not only to win, but to be able to withstand whatever hurt comes his way. If it doesn’t reappear soon, I imagine it’ll come up after a while, to give the plot some time to move past Chrome Disaster, but what’s really strange is how it didn’t appear in Haru’s inventory…or not yet, at least.

Yukino seems to be a full-fledged member of Kuro’s team now, and all that’s left is Chiyu, if she joins at all. The next episode preview seemed to feature her and a green Burst Linker, it’s hard to tell if this is Chiyu or just another enemy on the hunt for the Black and Red Kings. You can’t forget that the Yellow King is still on the prowl and definitely holding a grudge against Scarlet Rain and Black Lotus. If Chiyu does join, she’s picking up quite the list of enemies that come with the job…

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10 thoughts on “Accel World 12: Haru is on the verge of becoming an anime Darth Vader

    • Not really the point, I was saying that, much like Anakin Skywalker, Haru has been planted with a seed, a desire for more power. And the armor, albeit resemblant to the mask of Darth Vader, is a consequence if Haru were to give into the desire and doubt of his own strength.

        • I think it won’t be a rampage, I think Haru will fighting someone, it’ll be important for Kuro-sempai’s plans, and he’ll be unable to do what he needs to do…
          Haru: “I…I can’t….I’m sorry…sempai”
          voice: “Do you want power????”
          Haru: “…wuh?”
          voice: “You want power???”
          He’ll give in, the armor will reappear, tear to shreds the opponent, and the rest will depend on situational data that requires more background information (who else is involved, where it is, etc.)

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