Acchi Kocchi 11-12/Final Review: If you like-like me, then I might like-like you a lot

So much blood…

In an attempt to make the most out of the last episodes of Acchi Kocchi, I held off on episode 11 and waited until I had episode 12 to feign an hour-long series finale. Made for a very enjoyable experience as I saw Io’s final phase of realization of Tsumiki’s affections towards him…or so I hope he did. I mean, it’s not like it was inconclusive, Io definitely felt concern for Tsumiki that went beyond everyone else. It’s odd, I really wanted Io and Tsumiki to finally get together, fully aware of how the other felt, but this ending has me satisfied in an odd way (feal87, this kinda relates to that post you wrote).

Hey, I just met you…

Io and Tsumiki leave me in a state of “did they…?”, wondering just how close they got at the end. And it wasn’t just a sudden about-face for Io, as episode 11 and Part A of episode 12 really show Io becoming very aware of the implied relationship between him and Tsumiki cresting into his gift to Tsumiki on White Day. In an analytical sense, it’s by no means a conclusive ending, but from a story-telling perspective (keeping in mind that Acchi Kocchi is a romantic comedy), it seems like a solid anchoring point to leave the series.


Second season? I could take it or leave it. Acchi Kocchi did a good job of staying fresh episode-to-episode while still managing to build the characters and keep the comedy. Especially in episode 12, we saw referencing back to the first Valentine’s Day fiasco (Tsumiki and Hime-chan kept an eye on Mayoi this time). Sakaki has a few tricks up his sleeve as he makes good on his promise to serve Mayoi marshmallow-pig’s feet…surely, a man of honor. But if a second season is just gonna tease me with “will they? won’t they?” between Io and Tsumiki, I’d rather it just stop here and let me think they did start seriously dating…or whatever high school kids do when they like-like one another.

Mayoi and Sakaki soon became one with the universe, as Tsumiki tore them into oblivion…

As far as characters, I really enjoyed this cast. It has nothing to do with liking all the characters though. Mayoi drove me up a tree, and I have this love-hate relationship with Sakaki (he’s not as bad as Mayoi, he’s genuinely clever, and sometime’s joins Io in gentlemanly escapades). Tsumiki is a constant source of adorableness wrapped around a killer instinct. Io…Io is…he’s…a gentleman of the highest caliber but one whom doesn’t see what lies in front of him…but at the end he seems to finally shape up and realize Tsumiki like-likes him. Hime-chan, I feel bad that she has to put up with Mayoi but doesn’t have someone like Io to be drawn to…

All-in-all, Acchi Kocchi was a fun show to follow and I recommend it for fans of romantic comedy or just pure comedy. Although I was afraid it was falling onto the Kill Me, Baby! track of repetitive setups, Acchi Kocchi proved to be a character-driven series centered around a girl who like-likes a guy who has no clue, unlike everyone else on the face of the planet.

Acchi Kocchi – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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