Saki 11: Pushing the Boundaries of Space and Time

Not to be outdone by Teru, Toki raises the bar twofold as she not only manages to see two turns ahead, but after Teru seems to have Toki broken down in the bonus hand, she shines through the darkness, able to see a full three turns ahead! Whether or not this will help is yet undetermined, at the very least it may help provide some insight into Teru’s abilities. Meanwhile, Hanada is pulling defense for her team, designated the “sacrifice” to Teru’s wrath, and Kuro can’t seem to get it together. Although she is being helping by hoarding dora and making it easier for Toki and Hanada to read Teru’s hand, and the dora are kept from boost Teru’s scores as well.

All while Saki sits just outside, she obviously senses disturbances in the force, either from Toki’s time bending or Teru’s spacial distortions, lightening keeps sparking around that mahjong table. Achiga’s plot is definitely winding its way back to Saki’s in order to tie up into a possible joint-conclusion. But with only 4 more episodes, it’ll most likely just put both series slightly closer to the final round of the competition. They certainly won’t be able to go as far in-depth as they have with this first round.

Now then, I have two concerns with Achiga: will Teru fall to Toki’s three-turn time shift, and will Nodoka, Shizu, and Ako reunite? Teru certainly isn’t going to lose that huge lead she’s built, but putting a third stop to her winning streaks will certainly prove a moral victory. If Kuro could manage to help out more, it’d also lift her from near-tears. I was really hoping for more detail, but at this rate, the ending is looking to become rushed.

If they’d just show Arata playing, I’d be okay with this…

Saki: Achiga-hen Episode of Side-A – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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