Gundam AGE 37: Actual Depth, But Is It Too Late?

Kio is disgusted that you’d cover such good themes with such bad character sets and plot devices.

Now that Kio has experienced a day in the life of a Vagan, we now have a nearly complete picture of the motives and methods behind this war over Earth. After reaching a new level of disappointment last week despite still wanting to see the next episode, I’ve reached the conclusion that Gundam AGE has prolific themes, wrapped in annoying characters, a predictable plot, and a sub-par level of animation given past series. All that’s remaining for Gundam AGE is to reveal the dark secret of the Federation that left the Vagan abandoned on a deadly landscape blasting radiation into its inhabitants.

Tell Lu more about these lackluster and predictable events that got you into a Vagan’s shoes for a day.


The Vagan’s non-violent attempt to sway the heart and mind of the Federation’s only real weapon against them spits in the face of Flit’s no-holds all-out destruction plan. I’m curious as to how Asemu will react to this. Surely Flit will deny any sympathy Kio has developed for this rogue strain of humanity, but will Asemu learn to accept what Kio has learned, or will he fall way of his father, and resent the Vagan for kidnapping his son (that he abandoned, but whatever).

Behold! A mere fragment of the perfected war technology that the Earthers left in an asteroid…

Using their fragment of the EXA-DB and the Gundam AGE-3, Lord Ezelcant is preparing to unveil a Vagan-model Gundam. With the AGE-3 out of commission, this new supped-up Gundam will most likely go head-to-head with the AGE-2, piloted by the pirate king/absentee father, and the AGE-1, piloted by a senile old fart…I wonder who will win (/sarcasm). Ezelcant has also admitted to testing the Earthers, and with only 6 months to live, is this final invasion another test, or has he already decided the results?

He finds Gundam AGE’s inability to create a more satisfying series disappointing.

I foresee an editorial concerning these themes in future (if I’m not too lazy), because there are quite few here. Even though the Federation ditched all war-based technology and science, which apparently was perfected, the human drive to wage war still continued. Despite the Vagan’s initial crimes, known at the time as the “U.E.”, the desire for vengeance has been watered down through the generations, mirroring public opinions for war and military declining as time goes on and original passions fade. Should be at least a little interesting to write…while I wait out the remaining episodes.

Gundam AGE – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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