Accel World 11: A Battle Between Kings? It’s About Time

Laying in wait for Haru, Kuro, Niko, and Taku is the Yellow King, Yellow Radio, and his gang of legion members assembled in the Neutral Field.  Using the Black Lotus’s betrayal of the first Red King to render her paralyzed with regret, Yellow Radio proceeds to ambush the group. Taku sacrifices himself to protect the others from bloodthirsty burst-linkers, and Yuniko decides she’s had enough. But despite her best efforts, not even her loli fortress can hold off the hordes after Silver Crow becomes immobilized. It’s up to Black Lotus, who overcomes her crippling regret, to save the day.

Finally, a truly boss battle between two level nine Burst Linkers, and, according to Yuniko, the first such battle in Accel World history. The illusionist-extraordinair, Yellow Radio, versus the melee-master, Black Lotus in her first full-on battle scene. After easily slicing through the ambush forces of the Yellow King, the Black and Yellow Kings prepared to launch their final moves. I was certain that Kuro-sempai could charge through whatever trick Yellow Radio had in store, landing the critical blow that would topple the Yellow Legion…but Chrome Disaster had different plans.

Now the original target of the mission has appeared, but the group is down one member and Scarlet Rain’s fortress is almost half dismantled now. I don’t think the remaining ambush forces will be too willing to stick around and help Black Lotus, Silver Crow, and Scarlet Rain fight the monster that just pierced the Yellow King. Though, the irony is thick if Yellow Radio really did give the Armor of Catastrophe to Cherry Rook, it would seem as if he signed his own death certificate with that mistake.

Suddenly, the kings start to appear a lot less fearsome now that the Red King was nearly taken down by a gang of nobodies and the Yellow King got caught from behind and couldn’t even take out an unconscious burst linker and her lower level accomplice who got incapacitated by some measly electricity. Also, the time limits on killer moves became gravely apparent this week. Perhaps Chrome Disaster also possesses a similar Achilles heel, or else the original plan of using Silver Crow’s wings to match Chrome’s jumping will have to do so Scarlet Rain can deliver the final blow.

Accel World – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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