Gundam AGE 36: Look Out For That Plot Point!

Gundam AGE manages to make me (kinda) look forward to the next episode as Kio is taken hostage and the AGE-3 captured by the Vagan. Flit loses his temper and nearly goes on a killing spree as the crew of Diva stand by their captain’s orders to withdraw. Meanwhile, Asemu, space pirate/absentee father, decides to launch his own rescue (but for some reason needs permission from his father to go and save his own son…).

I like Fram…and that’s about it.

So, I guess next episode is when we’ll finally get a glimpse into the Vagan mindset. We’ll most likely be shown why Kio should be sympathetic to them, and then Flit will blurt something along the lines of “They’ve hurt too many people. They should be destroyed.” Gundam AGE is looking very predictable at the moment. I’m really only watching to finish at this point, to be honest. And I want it to finish soon…even though the battle scenes have a bit higher quality animation lately. But slightly better robot fighting can’t make up for a lackluster plot that’s giving me cancer. Also…Kio never called his mom, how unthoughtful.

Gundam AGE – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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