Saki 10: Is Nodoka’s chest getting larger?

Groundbreaking…just groundbreaking. Her chest that is. Seriously…how does Saki not live in fear those massive chest-bits? Maybe Nodoka saps the size away from those around her to increase her own bust level. Unfortunately (for Nodoka), there’s not much to sap from with the Achiga team, so they’ll be fine when they reunite, as the scenes with Nodoka dreaming of Ako and Shizu seem to foreshadow.  That’s assuming Teru Miyanaga doesn’t utterly destroy Achiga before Kuro can learn how to hold her own against this monster.

It didn’t really seem like Kuro was playing in the second half, as most of the focus was on Toki attempting to stave off Teru’s monster winning streaks. But no avail, as even her foresight couldn’t prevent victory from simply falling into her hands. And even though the dora is coming to her hand, Kuro is left shaking in her seat as Teru continues to win on her discards.  There’s certainly a lot focus being placed onto this single round, and I’m wondering if the remaining rounds will be as in-depth, or if this encounter with Teru is just being magnified through screen time.

As Toki attempts to see 2 full moves ahead, a skill that’s landed her face-first on the floor in the past, Kuro’s confidence is at an all-time low. Even if either of them could manage to pull off a daring last-minute stop-gap of Teru’s streak, she still leaves her team with a nearly 100,000 point lead over the next team. With Achiga in 3rd, the remaining girls will have to play hard to get over Teru’s monstrous lead. If it weren’t for the short scenes of Nodoka (and her gifted size), I don’t think I’d have any hope of the Achiga girls getting past this semi-final round.

Saki: Achiga-hen Episode of Side-a – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


6 thoughts on “Saki 10: Is Nodoka’s chest getting larger?

  1. Nodoka’s bust has been established from season one to be one of the reasons she’s popular with the mahjong press. While the focus on that particular aspect of her character might be fan-servicy and silly, it’s true that there are people out there whose appearance defines how people look at them. Nodoka can’t really change that part of herself, can she?

    • Oh, I’m not criticizing Nodoka, and I’m sorry if it came off that way, I was just pointing out that I think she’s getting…larger. It’s was part-joke, part-observation.
      Nodoka’s bust frequently serves to give her opponents something else to be upset at other than her skill at the game. :3

  2. This is different from the Kiyosumi approach. (Yuuki running amok to start) It’s going to take a gut check time for Achiga to advance. Also, Nodoka is still a growing girl.

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