Hyouka 9: You mean Houtarou hasn’t solved it yet?

Well, this is odd, much like the mystery of Eru’s uncle, the mysterious mystery movie mystery is going into its third episode. Even after hearing the three “amateurs” from the class present their theories, all the Classics Club really has are 3 theories that don’t work and several bases that can’t be ignored. Things like an undisturbed window entrance, the locked door, and restricted planning are just about the only concrete ideas other than the writer’s complete adherence to a perfect mystery setup and conclusion. Although, I like Eru’s approach to the problem, get drunk, it seemed like her magical eyes went haywire before she passed out, perhaps this means something…or maybe it was just fun to watch Eru get plastered. I’m leaning toward the latter.

Following feal87‘s theory, there’s a sense that the class may be using the Classics Club to test out their mystery.  It seems like a simple task to just ask the writer about it, I mean, they did say that she assured the class that all the clues were there. So why bring Houtarou and the rest into this? It’s looking more and more less like filler, and more like an annoying arc. Maybe if someone actually died, then it’d get interesting. At least then there’d probably be more drive to solve the damn thing.

Concerning Hyouka’s overall theme, I can’t quite decide if it’s simply the story of a mystery-solving Classics Club, the high school life and growth of an adolescent male, or if the main focus at the end will be Houtarou and Eru finally getting together. While it certainly seems to contain all three, one should certainly be the major, in my opinion. Eru’s “interest” didn’t seem to hold a lot of enthusiasm, and while Houtarou noticed, he didn’t seem to have much interest in her interest. So now I’m wondering about the third theme and just how relevant it will be at the end of the story. I mean, Houtarou and Eru HAVE to end up together…dont’ they?

Hyouka – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


4 thoughts on “Hyouka 9: You mean Houtarou hasn’t solved it yet?

    • Yeah, but it’s kinda dull if there’s no dark element to it. No one died, no one is missing, it’s just “Hey, what do you think happens at the end of this unfinished movie?”

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