Accel World 10: A Lifetime in Accel World

And apparently Haru can only handle two girls at a time, unfortunately for Chiyuri, Kuro-sempai and Yuniko have both slots filled. (Damn, unintended innuendo…but fitting) With the help of Taku, the 3 prepare to take down the Chrome Disaster rampaging through the Accel World. The perfect opportunity to introduce Haru to The Unlimited Space, a special feature of Accel World without a time limit that only Level 4 and above Burst Linkers can access. With the non-aggression pact, it’s the one of the few remaining was to earn Burst Points, as system run monsters roam the area…but the real prize is in hunting other Burst Linkers.

This is apparently where Kuro and Niku spent a lot of time working towards Level 9 together, and also where a person could easily lose themselves. It’s here that the 4 Burst Linkers plan to hunt down the fifth armor and stop Chrome Disaster. In a shocking turn of events, the Yellow King appears to have set a trap for Black Lotus, Scarlet Rain, and Silver Crow, ambushing them as Haru was flying the group to Ikebukuro. The treachery, while surprising to us viewers, seems obvious to Yukino, obviously some backstory to be revealed.

I’m also interested in the idea of having Taku be a guardian for Chiyuri if she should be able to load the Brain Burst program. It’d help put an end to all this needless relationship strain between Haru, Taku, Kuro, and Chiyu if they all could be Burst Linkers and start focusing on fighting other Burst Linkers…y’know, instead of their relationships.  Not to mention another fighter for the Nega Nebulous would be helpful. It’d also be funny filler when Taku starts training her to fight in Accel World…funny but annoying, like all filler.

Accel World – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


3 thoughts on “Accel World 10: A Lifetime in Accel World

  1. unfortunately for Chiyuri Kuro-sempai and Yuniko have both slots filled. interesting way of putting it there.

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