Saki 9: Teru, the “Monstrous” Winning Streak

The first round of the semi-finals and the “monster” mahjong players have come in full force, when we finally get a first-hand look at Teru, the legendary sister of Saki Miyanaga. But not to be taken lightly, Toki also demands attention in the semi-final first round, revealing her power to see turns ahead thanks to a near-death illness. Meanwhile, Teru’s power can only be described as all-seeing and all-knowing, as her command of the table even surpasses Toki’s ability to foresee her moves. Kuro is left in the shadow as the monsters play through the round, only able to occasionally derail one another.

I was expecting something a bit more fearsome playing from Teru, to be honest. The way it was played up, and from what we’ve seen from “lesser” monster players like Miho, Koromo, and Momoko, I was expecting Teru to be able to incite immediate insanity in her opponents. But, instead, she just seems to have a view into each player’s hand and strategies. Though, I guess I can’t complain too much, she DID see through Toki’s future sight, after all. And her streaks seem to expand in power with each passing win, and breaking it only resets it to its starting value.

Kuro is stuck in what seems to be a no-win situation, she just can’t seem to compete with such a see-through skill. Despite how well it’s functioning to bring dora to her hand, there’s no time to build up a winning hand before the monsters end the round in a show of incredible confusion on Kuro’s part.  Honestly, it’s like Achiga isn’t even in this round…maybe she’ll show some new tricks, possibly picked up from their training, on her turn as dealer, which will yield bonuses should she manage to actually play a hand. Hopefully, that glimpse of Etopen is a sign of good things to come for the Achiga girls.

Saki: Achiga-hen Episode of Side-A – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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