Hyouka 8: All they need now is a fresh name and groovy van

Seriously, even the older students are calling on the Classics Club to solve mysteries. Big surprise when they’re called to the screening of a mystery movie, but it’s turning out entertaining, nonetheless. The, as of yet, unfinished story supposedly has all the clues necessary to solve it, and Chitanda’s magic eyes have lured Houtarou into the case. Though, in usual Houtarou energy-conserving fashion, he’s opting to simply hear out the theories of some of the class’s “amateur detectives” instead of putting his own mind to the grind.

Although not as serious as the mystery surrounding Eru’s uncle, the Classics Club’s recent exploits have provided reason for Eru to get closer to Houtarou…or at least exercise her magic eyes on him. While I suspect ulterior motives behind the unfinished movie, I’m more interested in how it’ll put Houtarou and Eru together, or if it will at all. This mystery does have the feeling of plot filler…regardless, still pretty to watch.

Hyouka – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket 


2 thoughts on “Hyouka 8: All they need now is a fresh name and groovy van

  1. I wonder if this episode opens the way for other students to ask for the Classics Club to help with mysteries…making them into a sort of amateur detective squad for the school. It would be a shame if it were just filler as you say.

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