Gundam AGE 35: How has the Federation survived?

Asemu’s decrypted message has given an ultimatum to the battle between the Federation and Vagan. The new objective is to keep the archive of all Federation technology prior to colony wars, the EXA-DB, from being used to overthrow the Federation…using technology the Federation had, got rid of, made a database of (illegally), and then ditched in an asteroid. Using a portion of this database is what allowed Vagan to develop such advanced mobile suits, compared to the unassisted Genoace units Earth uses. Possession of the EXA-DB apparently will determine the tide of the war.

While the Diva is now tasked with the secret mission of the database’s retrieval, so is our friend, Zeheart, on similarly secret orders from Ezelcant. There’s probably some additional information yet to be dropped that will lead to the location of the EXA-DB (otherwise, it would just be a lot of random asteroid searching, wouldn’t it?). Which will inevitably lead to Zeheart and Kio facing off, with Vagan and Federation forces behind them, as they near the hiding place of the “cursed treasure”.

What blows my mind is how short-sighted the Federation has been thus far: not funding R/D into the Gundam or the AGE system, apparently not concerned that only a single mobile suit can outclass an army of enemy combatants sworn to take away their power and overthrow their government, leaving a dying colony and being surprised that they want revenge, and illegally collecting a database of weaponry technology, the sum of all war-based knowledge, only to throw it away (that’s like stealing from a bank and throwing the money into a river, in my opinion). I mean, I don’t particularly like Flit as a person, but as commander, he kinda knew what he was talking about.

As a peaceful resolution looks harder and harder, now the goal seems to be the finish line in an arms race, (which didn’t exactly work out too well in the real world) with only the last man standing to claim victory. Gundam AGE’s overall theme trends to the generational viewpoints toward a long-term engagement in war. Those who originally started in the fight (Flit), want victory, complete victory, at any cost, while the sentiments continue to water down as the years pass and the newer generations take the helm. Those, like Kio and Asemu, don’t share the same burning vengeance, so they struggle to compensate the feelings of the those before them and their own desire to avoid, what seems to them, needless conflict and bloodshed. I think it will ultimately come down to newer generations convincing the intial (Kio/Asemu convincing Flit) that there is a middle way, a way to the future that doesn’t involve completely eliminating the other side, despite our feelings toward one another. Or is that too deep for Gundam AGE?

Gundam AGE – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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