Speed Draw #10: Hopefully Crossover Project, Sensitivity, and Colors

Now that I’ve actually realized how much free time I have now, I’ve gotten started on the video portion of my Crossover Project. Stemming from an idea I had to draw Tooru Ichii from A Channel in the style of Black Rock Shooter, I’ve started off with a headshot of Tooru (BRS form). I’m hoping to have a full character draw, complete with outfit, uploaded sometime in the coming week. This will (hopefully) lead up to a series full-scale crossover images.

The biggest improvement with this video is the modification in settings to my tablet. I essentially eliminated the sensitivity to get a continuous, uniform mark (lining was certainly less of a pain). Hopefully this means cleaner final products as well as shorter work time and less stress on my part as an occasional perfectionist. But let’s be honest, my biggest hurtle is my own laziness :3

Anyway…ACA has the next step in creating your own anime cel once you’ve drawn out your idea.  Using (preferably two) colored pens, draw boundary lines that will define where two or more colors will meet, particularly in places that aren’t already defined by a line traced onto the clean copy piece of paper. Keep an eye out for areas such as shadows, highlights, or anywhere the tone of color could change. Lines in cluttered areas can be identified with much more ease by utilizing multiple pens with varying colors.

Now watch as your character comes to life when you begin to add color! This is where you can let your creativity shine as you use varying tones and warmths in your color choices. Using a color chart that labels each color with name or number can help you identify it later when you color your cel. Mass produced coloring products usually come with a color code, so feel free to use that, writing two or more numbers when you combine colors. Jot down the colors you will be using for every specific area on your illustration. If you’re having trouble deciding which color to assign, try coloring your rough draft with color pencils. For your information, cel paint can be mixed so let your imagination go wild! Create your own array of colors.

Next time, we’ll be looking at starting putting color to acetate. In the meantime, if you want some professional anime cel art to hang up in your anime lair, check out Anime Cel Art on Facebook, Twitter, RightStuff, Amazon, or eBay. Like I said, I’m wanting to get the next one done within the week, so hopefully the next lesson will be soon as well :3


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