Gundam AGE 34: Daddy Left You to Become a Pirate King

Following my ponderings last week, Asemu (2nd arc) returns to the story as “Captain Ash” of the space pirates Bisidan. Piloting the Gundam AGE 2 Black Hound, he and his pirate crew plunder the seven seas (in space) in search for Federation ships that aid Vagan attacks, in his attempt to root out corruption within the Earth Sphere Federation. Finding their current pace inadequate, he sets his sights on the Diva and its onboard AGE system, Ash tests both Kio as a pilot and Flit as a commander to see if it’s still in good hands. Unfortunately, Vagan mobile suits, commanded by the one of the more attractive Vagan officers, Fram Nara, interrupt the father-son reunion.

But like most (if not all) small Vagan operations full of hot-headed pilots, the enemy suits are quickly defeated after a seemingly victorious setup. Personally, I’m thrilled to see the return of the Super Pilot, and even happier to see him sticking it to Federation ships…well, the bad ones, at least. Now that they know the Gundam AGE 2 is just floating around a Lagrange point (and they KNOW it’s a Gundam, y’know, that one type of mobile suit that kicks butt 24/7), what do? I’d bet on Ash riding in at the last minute of some dire operation that the fate of the world hinges on, with his pirate crew in tow, to save the day as Flit and Kio are under the blade, about to bite the dust. Or perhaps join sooner, as a part of a large scale rendezvous of all the friends collected over the 3 generations of fighting, to fight in the last battle against the Vagan. Although I’m not sure how this will affect the differing opinions regarding how to deal with the enemy across the generational gaps. Flit wanting their utter annihilation, Asemu wanting some sort of compromise (wanting that they didn’t have to fight against each other), and Kio’s (I’m assuming) undetermined objectives.

Complete annihilation doesn’t sound feasible now that we’ve got so many character ties within Vagan. Fram Nara being one of the newest. With the additional characters comes additional strain between them. Fram seems to be somewhere in-between suspicious of Zeheart and obsessed with him. She apparently has a history with him involving her brother, but at the same time she seems to be silently measuring him. I can’t quite understand why, but it gives me hope that Gundam AGE will have a somewhat decent plot at the end.

Gundam AGE – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket 


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