Saki 8: Why Can’t I Hold All This Nostalgia?

In preparation for the semi-finals, and the monster players in wait, the Achiga girls call on some familiar faces to help them meet the intensity of the super powered mahjong so frequent in the original series. In case you haven’t been watching Saki: Achiga-hen Episode of Side-A, it’s essentially just like the original series “Saki”, including the cast, plus a few more, minus the yuri action and some of the crazy superpowers (but that may change with the next episode). After facing head-to-head with varying degrees of, what appear to be, psychic-mahjong powers, the girls confidently head into the semi-finals, and in the first round we see Teru, Saki’s mysterious monster-player sister…

Kuro is first in Achiga’s line-up for the semi-finals, but she’s up against the legendary Teru Miyanaga. Will we see just what makes her so fierce? And how Kuro will compete is another issue, being without a super power herself, she’ll have to rely on dora coming to her hand, but I doubt that can stand up to the witchcraft these “monsters” of mahjong have in store. But just beyond the semi-finals is Nodoka and Saki, so she’ll somehow have to manage.

Perhaps the best Kuro can hope for is to merely survive Teru’s wrath and hold onto as many of her points as she can so the remaining Achiga girls can bring the heat in later rounds. But I foresee each team’s monster players coming into the rounds one at a time. Essentially each Achiga girl having to face down a monster in every round. Maybe this means Arata’s skill will finally be showcased, clinching a win using Achiga’s own “monster” (or at least “very very good”) player in the final round. That’s probably just my own hope, as it’s more likely, based on the progression of this particular series, that (if Achiga wins) they’ll pull it off with a show of non-super power-based play. Unless they’ve somehow gained super powers themselves from hanging around these players from the original series…maybe something in the original series has to do with the acquisition of mahjong power, and the closer the girls get to Nodoka and Saki, the more powerful they’ll become!

Saki: Achiga-hen Episode of Side-A – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


2 thoughts on “Saki 8: Why Can’t I Hold All This Nostalgia?

  1. You have to feel sorry for Kuro. With a katayori that gives her “increased hand scores” in return for “limited defense”, she’s really a glass canon. She can get great point scores against defensive players, but can’t handle sniper types that aim specifically for her, and with both Teru and Toki at the table, she’s likely going to see hell.

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