Hyouka 7: Now with 30% more Character Development

Club trip? Hot springs? It has fanservice written all over it (if only that one kid hadn’t kept us from viewing that marvelous body Oreki certainly has :3). But mystery is in the air, and all this mystery has apparently made Houtarou sick on the ride there. But like the last mystery, it’s not so dark and mysterious as those concerning missing uncles, though it certainly had an ominous buildup. But the real story was between Houtarou and Eru, as they spend some quality time solving “The Mystery of the Hangman’s Yukata”.

Chitanda seems to have an ever growing persuasion over Houtarou, and she uses it very effectively to not only bring him along on the club trip, but get him to investigate the shadow she and Ibara saw one night after scary stories. As Fukube spends his days lounging in the hot springs at every oppurtunity, the daring duo of (hopefully) romantics investigate what Chitanda saw the night before. Finding the crime scene inaccessible, Houtarou is left at an impasse, so the two go to hot springs in the meantime. There, he finds his theories inadequate for what Chitanda is looking for. He’s beginning to not just look for answers, but answers to satisfy Chitanda’s interest…

So character development, particularly between Houtarou and Chitanda, is the predominant theme in Hyouka now. Mysteries take a back seat as the two high schoolers slowly realize they’re simply meant to be together (much to feal87‘s dismay). Houtarou seems to have grown closer to this bright-eyed girl after seeing her wishful dreaming of having a sibling, but how long until they get serious emotional connections started?

Hyouka – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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