Accel World 9: Sleepover at Haru’s House…wait, what?

Yet again, Haru continues to be the epitome of dumb luck, netting two cuties in an overnight party at his place. Despite the fact that there’s a killer burst linker on the loose, this episode manages to be one of the funniest yet, with Haru’s awkwardness around the loli king and his unfamiliarity with being lovey-dovey with Kuro-sempai coupling to provide enough humor to offset the graveness of the burst linker from Niko’s legion, Prominence, being possessed by the cursed and once-thought-destroyed armor, the Armor of Catastrophe.

This armor, apparently possessing the innate ability to take control of the user, begins rampaging once activated. Prominence is now the 5th victim and it’s up to Yuniko, as Red King, to use Judgement Blow, her power as the head of the red legion to execute followers, draining them of Burst Points and removing them from the Accel World. With the power of a legion master, normally Yuniko could easily execute the monster, but it has extreme jumping abilities and keeps escaping from her as she attempts to put it away. This is where Haru and Silver Crow’s flying ability comes in. It sounds so simple, but it never is, is it? I imagine getting Haru and Yukino close to the possessed Prominence will be a challenge in and of itself, in the meantime, let’s feel bad about ourselves for not being Haru…if that’s possible.

Not only does he have the cutest girl in school for a girlfriend, but he also has a loli stalker who freely breaks into his house and manages to draw his attention away from the cute girlfriend. In the dictionary, if you look up “lucky bastard”, there should be a picture of Haruaki. I found myself laughing, but mostly at the ridiculousness of it all…I guess that means it’s a good counter-point to the seriousness they try to put into events around Accel World. I’m suspicious that Kuroyukihime and Yuniko have more history within the Accel World than they’ve let Haru know at this point, history that may lead to Scarlet Rain’s eventually support of Black Lotus and the Nega Nebulous. Maybe she’d be willing to completely join forces after Haru, Kuro-sempai, and Taku have helped eliminate the Armor of Catastrophe.

Accel World – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


2 thoughts on “Accel World 9: Sleepover at Haru’s House…wait, what?

    • I think they’d know if they were sisters, and recognize each other more. It’s more likely that they used to be close in the Accel World, until maybe they became opposing kings.

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