Gundam AGE 33: Wait, it took the Federation how long?

Vagan’s master plan is near fruition as all 10 plasma bombs are hidden within the base and the Federation forces are kept busy outside. In 10 minutes time, the base will be leveled into the (apparently) meteor crater on which it stands. Zeheart rejoins the battle after a decade or two of hibernation, coming head to head with Kio in the Gundam Fortress, which (apparently) doesn’t have problems traversing marshy terrain, despite its size. Leaving the fight to save the base, Kio is able to find the last bomb and throw it out before it can decimate the base. With the Vagan operation thwarted, the Diva heads for orbit, controlled by Vagan pirates, on its way to the Luna base to take out the orbiting Vagan satellite that destroyed the Big Ring.

This is a photograph of the high brass’s ego exploding…

The biggest issue brought up with this episode was the fact that it (apparently) took the Earth Federation military 3 generations to agree to invest in the Gundam mobile suit and AGE system, that had been essentially the only weapon in the war against the Vagan. 3 Generations? Nearly 70 years?! All over pride?! You’ve got to be kidding me, the Earth falls under Vagan control on nearly 40% of its surface, not to mention the lost control of Earth orbit, and NOW you think it’d be a good idea to work on this? Whatever, I want Vagan to win now just so the Earth falls under the control of someone with some sense. You know if they Vagan got their hands on the Gundam and the AGE system they’d develop the s*** out of that.

Flit also finally decides to be a respectable human being as well. After episodes of being a douche to Captain Einus, he (apparently) decides to recognize her effort and give her the encouragement she needs to fulfill her role as leader of the Diva and organize the crew’s efforts to stay afloat and support the fight against the invading Vagan. I really don’t understand Flit Asuno…but maybe that’s because he’s gone senile with his quest for vengeance.

Zeheart starts to question the Vagan strategy of attack. Seeing the opportunities for escape in each plan, almost like they were all designed to test the Earth Federation. All of the Lord Ezelcant’s “master” plans leave openings for the Earthers to survive, and before Zeheart can get answers he’s sent a new female companion, Fram Nara. Surely she’ll keep him from noticing the holes in the Vagan plans.

Kio…is a boy…right?

As I start to wonder which side I should really be rooting for, I see that the Gundam AGE-1 is being loaded on the Diva to assist them on their journey to Luna base, and am reminded that Asemu Asuno, pilot of the Gundam AGE-2, disappeared on his last mission against the Vagon. I’m suspicious as to the whereabouts of the AGE-2 and have the hunch that the Vagan are reverse engineering it as we speak. I’m starting to side with Vagan more because, after a dozen or so mobile suit upgrades and modifications (with the Federation still sticking to, mostly, the antique Genoace models), you know they’ll happily implement Gundam and AGE technology into their suits. Unlike a certain planetary federation we know.

Gundam AGE – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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