Acchi Kocchi 8: Io…he’s just…TOO PERFECT!!!

Damn him and his unbelievable levels of perfection, every other male on the planet now looks lame and inadequate in comparison to this Adonis, surely he’s a god amongst men. Io continues to make everyone else unfortunate enough to share XY chromosomes look bad, from his mastery of marksmanship to beyond human-levels of candy carving expertise, even fish are flying into bowls for the chance to go home with him.

If he has but one flaw, it’s that he still teases Tsumiki. Despite his chivalry in previous episodes, acts such as leaping from trains and what have you, he continues to merely hint at her affections. Perhaps he is waiting for the most perfect opportunity…if that’s the case, surely it must be soon. And when it does, I suggest keeping medics on hand if Hime-chan is within range. But more importantly, when Io finally reciprocates Tsumiki’s feelings, there’s a high probably for the single greatest one-liner ever uttered.

Long story short, prepare for feels…or epic disappoint.

Acchi Kocchi – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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