Gakkatsu 4-7: Mommies, Princes, Sun Fish, and the Appropriate Reaction to Duckface

Surprisingly, Gakkatsu continues to be a fresh 5 minutes of intense classroom debate. As Chiho, class president, leads the homeroom in a gambit of “What to call your mother?”, a goodbye to a dearly loved class member, and to never give up on our dreams. Quite honestly, I wish my homerooms in high school had been like this…

While dynamic and fast-paced, with simple but elegant tranes of thought, I disagree with Chiho’s conclusion that male students cannot resist duckface. I don’t know where the writers got this idea, but they certainly haven’t seen Facebook in a while. Maybe it was supposed to be ironically funny, and I just missed it. The appropriate reaction to a girl “duckfacing” is typically shouting and posting derogatory slurs aimed her lack of intelligence and/or silly appearance.

But other than that, the discussions Chiho leads are gripping, intense, and sometimes heart-warming. Who knew such truths could be boiled down in under 5 minutes? I keep expecting Chiho to tackle peace in the Middle East or a solution to world hunger. But I guess figuring out an appropriate way to address your mother is good too…

Gakkatsu – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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