Saki 7: Needs MOAR Arata

With the speed and grace I expected, Arata holds Achiga’s second place in the quarter finals, leaving it up to Shizu to hold out through the fifth and final round. Though initially taking a hit to her points, causing Achiga’s girls to drop to 3rd in points, Shizu is able to make a last hand comeback to slip into 2nd place and onto the semifinals. Unfortunately for our dream team, the celebration is short lived as Harue reminds them they have 3 powerhouse opponents to face in the semi-finals.

As the title suggests, I’m disappointed with the lack of Arata playing mahjong. Does this just mean she’s simply good at mahjong? Or did she not have to implement some super power? Either way…I want moar Arata. Though the backstory was interesting, it was about as in-depth as the opponents’. Seriously, she’s like the drifter of the group, but she’s the one I want to see most. Probably because she’s just straight-up skilled and not reliant on some strange power or playing style (that we know of).

As if the odd drama of the last round of the quarter finals wasn’t enough, before we know it, a familiar face returns to the series. Momo, the ghostly mahjong player from the original Saki, appears (literally, just appears) after the girls find Harue talking to her old coach about going pro. I’m curious about what she’s going to do, offer advice, put up a challenge, wish them good luck sarcastically…I really don’t have a clue. But I do foresee the Achiga girls making another 2nd place bid on their advancement, against 3 powerhouse mahjong teams. It’s just how it’s going to work, because let’s face it, Shizu is no Saki.

Saki: Achiga-hen Episode of Side-A – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


2 thoughts on “Saki 7: Needs MOAR Arata

  1. Actually, this episode makes it very obvious that Arata has some kind of katayori (pattern, let’s say) to her playing style, but it’s too complex to be analyzed within just one match and not as flashy as the dragon lord, for example.

    That’s exactly the reason why she got an “emotional background” flashback instead of something that reveals more of her backstory, probably. We should learn more about her katayori in the next match when the Senriyama scientist girl has more time to analyze her playing style. The result of that particular duel hinges on whether scientist girl can reach the right conclusion and prepare appropriate countermeasures, so it’s only natural to wait with the reveal until then for biggest payoff.

    All this assuming that Teru won’t end things before they get that far, of course.

    And you can bet on Arata’s playing style having something to do with bowling, one way or another ;).

    • That’s quite the thought…and I agree, Arata’s style must be too complex to explain given the minimal recorded play history for her.
      I kind of want Arata to go up against Teru, would show us her true power for sure.
      (Thanks for showing me what I missed :3)

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