Hyouka 5: Kanji Wordplay and Bad English Puns

The first arc is brought to a close in a rather quick manner as Houtarou goes straight to the source to find the missing pieces in his theory of Jun and his expulsion 40 years ago. The librarian confirmes the Classics Club’s conclusion, but, as the author of the anthology in question, tells them the dark side of the story they didn’t see, of how Jun was a scape-goat, a figurehead for the student body’s protests against the school administration. Eru now understands what her uncle told her years ago that made her cry, that others will throw you to wolves, and just watch, as they’ve reaped the benefits.

More astounding than the conclusion, are the traces Jun left behind before he was expelled, such as the name of the Classic Club’s anthology, “Hyouka”. Houtarou quickly saw the bad pun (“Hyouka” in English is “ice cream”, a pun for “I scream”) and realized Jun’s morbid imagery on the cover were his expression of grief towards his fate. The best mysteries are the ones that leave just as intriguing by-products, and Jun’s experiences left plenty. The most insulting part, in my opinion, was how the span of the culture festival, the reason Jun was put up as a figurehead and represented the student body, was eventually shortened anyway. Almost rendering his sacrifice moot and pointless, which would explain his resentment towards the memory when Chitanda would ask about it.

With Jun’s story revealed, it’s come down to the returning energy conservationist, Oreki Houtarou, to pen the tale for the anthology, despite his best efforts to escape it. I’m not satisfied with where the investigation ended, though. Sure, we now know what happened to cause Eru’s uncle to make her cry, but we still don’t know about his mysterious disappearance in India. But maybe I’m getting too greedy, and should enjoy a few episodes of minor sleuthing before a return to major mysteries. Either way, I’m reminded of my one complaint from last week: Not enough Chitanda eyes…

Hyouka – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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