Gundam AGE 31-32: Down to Earth

With the planet under siege and Federation command moved to Rostroulan in South America, the Diva moves to join the fight to push the Vagan forces out the Earth sphere. Along the way, Kio gets a crash course in mobile suit fighting and takes solo control of the newest Gundam armor, the Gundam AGE 3 – Fortress. But what seems like a comradery  amongst the crew doesn’t last, as it’s revealed mobile suit pilot and Kio’s tutor, Shanalua, has been feeding information to the Vagan in exchange for money to pay for her sister’s medical treatment. Now on the battlefield, outside of Rostroulan, Kio faces a full Vagan armada on the verge of toppling the Federation forces.

It seems with each successive generation, the Asuno males become better people (and generally less douchey). Kio is certainly a friendly fellow, and loyal to a fault. Though still fresh to the dark truths of battle, he’s quickly learning what a harsh reality it is to take another life. Will Kio mediate with the Vagan to reduce fighting, somewhat like his father, or will he charge in like Flit, destroying anything in his path to defeating Vagan? With the Vagan so close to victory over the Federation, there doesn’t seem to be much room for negotiations, but I don’t see all the Vagan forces hidden inside the Earth sphere surrendering so easy. Even if the Federation manages to take out the armada and orbiting laser array.

The Gundam Fortress appears to break from the linear evolution of the Gundam AGE system. Instead of being reactive to advancements in Vagan suits (i.e.: their new units have better defense, make the Gundam’s guns bigger; their new units are fast, make the Gundam faster), the Fortress brings together several new qualities that make it useful in various new ways. In addition to increased power, it also has a higher mobility in rugged terrain. And with a range that includes both close combat and wide area attacks, the Fortress seems to have a staying power that models like the Titan didn’t.

Gundam AGE – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket 


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