Acchi Kocchi 7: Io! His Gentleman Level is OVER 9000!!

Tsumiki sees Io’s true level of romantic action as he leaps from a speeding train to keep her company on the platform as their friends continue on the group trip to a creekside cabin. After losing a few pints of blood, both Tsumiki and Hime-chan, the entire group reunites for a fun filled trip during summer break.  Complete with frolicking in the cool waters, fishing, barbecue, fireworks, and, yesh, it’s not complete without both Tsumiki and Hime-chan falling faint from Io’s immense levels of class.

When he’s not resting softly on Tsumiki’s lap or tending to the grill, Io can usually be found spending his down time generally flustering Tsumiki with his unstoppable graces and charm. And when Tsumiki isn’t passed out from blood loss, she can usually be found throwing Mayoi across the room or out the door. As for Hime-chan, when she isn’t beside Tsumiki, suffering from blood loss…she is almost always suffering from blood loss. And Sakaki can’t catch a break, in case you missed the first 6 episodes.


It’s nice to see Hime-chan actually win a competition for once, though. As they’re firing off fireworks, Io prepares the “parachute”. As it descends toward the ground, Sakaki and Mayoi start off in a race to grab the falling prize first. Both take a log to the shin. Hime-chan wins. I’m happy. End of story.

All-in-all, if Io isn’t getting closer to reciprocating Tsumiki’s love for him, I must be daft. Or he is some new super class of gentleman that I cannot comprehend (that’s very possible). Maybe it needs to be more on Tsumiki to become more direct with her intentions, and actually talk to Io about her feelings….am I over-thinking this?

Acchi Kocchi – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket

And now, a Public Service Announcement about a balanced diet from the cast of Acchi Kocchi and NewAnimeThursday:


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