Accel World 7: Is the Cast Almost Complete?

With the help of Karen, the Burst Linker known as Aqua Current, Haru has regained enough Burst Points to safely traverse the Accel World without fear of immediate Game Over. As Haru gets back up to speed, Kuro-sempai calls out Taku to a duel. To help keep him from making the same mistakes she made after committing her crimes against the legions. She seems to have also enlisted his support for the Nega Nebulous, with Aqua Current certain to reappear later, despite erasing herself from Haru’ memory. Now all that’s left is the yet unnamed red-head from the OP who seems to make an appearance next episode…and for Chiyuri to join the fun and start Burst Linking as well.

After seeing Aqua Current fight to help Haru, it seems she isn’t a power-type like Taku, Cyan Pile, or a speed-type like Haru, Silver Crow. She relies on strategies and working around advantages using her brain power. We didn’t really get any views of her water-based attacks, but it really doesn’t bother me, as Haru was wiped of his memories of them as well. For a level 1 Burst Linker, she’s not to be taken lightly, and that seems to be part of her strategy as well. Luring higher level Linkers into a false security against a low level Linker, when, in fact, she’s a fighter to reckoned with.

Karen also seems to have a firm grasp of the possibilities and options the neural linkers present. Coupled with her keen sense of fighting tactics, she’d make an excellent strategist for Nega Nebulous, in my opinion. Fairly soon, the other kings of Accel World will have to take notice of the black legion’s revival, and I’m sure Haru, Kuro-sempai, and Taku will also have to deal with increasingly organized attacks aimed to take down the traitor king. With most of Kuroyukihime’s assets now located at the same school, they’ll also become a more centralized target, safe while on the school’s closed network, but open for ambush the split-second they rejoin the global network.


The new character looks to be a little joker, and will probably be a constant nuisance to Haru, until it’s revealed she’s also a Burst Linker, I assume. If she’s a high level Linker, she’d be a good asset to Nega Nebulous, but I’ve got the suspicion she could also be an agent of one of the other legions. The OP shows them all as a happy group, so she’ll most likely join forces with Silver Crow soon enough.

Accel World – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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