Saki 6: Yuu-neechan, to the Rescue!

Well…sort of. Yuu is able to reclaim a little ground after her sister fell victim in the 1st round, actually, more like she manages not to make it worse. Ako, in the third round brings Achiga’s girls ahead, from 4th to 2nd place. But with a seemingly insurmountable point difference, it’s up to quiet Arata to try to pull victory out of what most certainly seems like defeat.

Episode 6 wasn’t quite filler, but it also wasn’t particularly meaningful. The flashback at the beginning was definitely heartwarming (who would be so heartless as to pick on little Yuu? Thankfully she’s got a sweet little sister to back her up.), but other than that, the rest of the episode really just felt as if it was just going through the motions. Maybe I’m just expecting too much (I did just finish Saki…the original one…with Saki…yeah) and am disappointed that each match isn’t full of intricate backstory and strange, monster mahjong powers.

Now that my favorite character from Achiga is up to bat, maybe I’ll enjoy the next episode. We haven’t really seen much from Arata in the realm of backstory of playing style (other than she’s pretty good). I can’t really decide if I think Arata will sweep up and leave Shizuno follow up, or if the two will be on the defensive to protect what small lead into the next round they have. I guess we’ll see…


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