Hyouka 4: All in a Day’s Work for Oreki

With astounding brilliance, Houtarou pieces together the fragmented history of Chitanda’s uncle, Jun Sekitani, who led a student protest 45 years ago to ensure the 5 day span of the school’s culture festival. Okay…yeah…I was expecting that to take longer. But there’s still work left to be done. The first anthology is still missing, and Chitanda still doesn’t know why her uncle’s story made her cry as a child. Hmmm…I’m going to say…Oreki will solve these…in a week’s time!

Okay, maybe not. But his mystery solving abilities seem to be only rivaled by the visual quality of his surroundings. Kyoto Animation continues to please with the level of detail and uniqueness attributed to the characters’ settings. I missed a few scenes because I was just observing the background. I really hope there isn’t a quality drop as Hyouka nears the end, because the combination of plot and visuals makes Hyouka a series I’ll really enjoy to rewatch.

I foresee the anthology being found soon, possibly adding more depth to the story. Maybe even throwing Houtarou’s hypothesis on its head. I like how Hyouka seems to have included political drama into its, thus-so-far, laid back themes, and I hope to see more so in the coming episodes. Maybe Chitanda’s uncle’s story will take a turn darker than the Classics Club expects or can even imagine. Only one complaint from this episode…not enough Chitanda eyes…

Hyouka – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


10 thoughts on “Hyouka 4: All in a Day’s Work for Oreki

  1. The main question is whether Hyouka is the main mystery throughout the series or if it’s just the beginning…because if it’s the main thing, then I’m apprehensive.

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