Acchi Kocchi 6: Spring (and to more relevant extent, Love) is in the Air

Can’t say I disagree.

In freshly pressed uniforms, Tsumiki and friends make it to warmer weather and more varied activities at school, like cleaning the pool and studying for final exams. For once, an adorable time is had without turning things into competition, despite Sakaki’s attempts. I’m also starting to think that not only is Io a perfect match for Tsumiki, he might just be perfect.

Or at least very profound…

Io’s shirt…must…SNIFF


Meanwhile, Sakaki seems to can’t catch a break. But the good news is that Hime-chan stayed safe this episode, though slight danger when a wild puddle of water appeared. Luckily, Io is tough enough to take a hit…or two. Speaking of Io, it may just be me, but he does seem to be getting closer and closer to reciprocating Tsumiki’s feelings for him. And Tsumiki is reaching critical levels of adoration…so the sooner the better.


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